To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

This morning we held our May Mission Leadership Council.

We had a fantastic lunch and I caught Sister Bullock as she was cleaning up. We can't thank our office senior couples enough for all they do to make these meetings great!

 I asked for no hand signs this time. I'm pretty sure it was extremely difficult for some, because they used their fork instead.
Left: Elder Cougar Larsen. Elder Holman, Elder Deppe, Elder Davis, Elder Miller, and Elder Willits.

Again, notice the restraint with their hands!
Elder Hoskins, Elder Ross, and Elder Terry. On the right is Elder Hatch and Elder Falatea.

 We never have to ask the Sisters to restrain themselves with their hands.
Sister Jones is front left, Sister Hepworth, Sister Hansen, Sister Roach, Sister Harrison, Sister Payne, Sister Tofilau, and Sister Stimpson. They all look like a bouquet of lovely flowers.

Check out these beautiful Sisters! Sister Peck is on the left in front, Sister Leavitt is to her left, Sister Hammond, Sister Udall, Sister Lunt, Sister Brown, and almost beaming on the right is Sister Johnson

President Cropper joined the missionaries.To his left is Elder Levi Johnson,  these Sisters brightened up this table; Sister Mills, Sister Datwyler, Sister Wilson, Sister Peterson, and grinning ear to ear is Elder Baker! 
 As I approached this table I again asked that we not do any hand signs. Notice  that some didn't trust themselves to keep their hands down. Elder Pierce is sitting on his hands, Elder Bunker seems to be doing okay so far, Elder Call is sitting calmly (at least on the outside), Elder Anderson and Elder Knell manage to keep their hands down, Elder Opper was showing how good he can be and kept his chicken-salad sandwich in his hand, and notice the pain on Elder Palomeque's face! Congratulations, Elders! You made it and nobody died!

When I took the picture at this table Sister Morgan was missing. So, I went back to get her picture. They all continue to smile and Sister Peck is either falling off her chair, sleeping, tor trying really hard to stay out of the picture. It didn't work, Sister Peck, we see your cute face!

The Assistants; Elder Cronin and Elder Hill had to run an errand and are eating their lunch a little late.

Today was partly sunny in Eugene! We couldn't pass up this opportunity to take our MLC picture outside! The Elders up front look almost like "The Thinking Man"
 (with some variations)