To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Thursday, April 20, 2017

We welcome two new wonderful Sisters to the OEM!
Sister Maddock and Sister Lee in front of the mission home

The normal procedure is that we bring the new missionaries to the mission home and feed them, teach them and feed them again. We take them to the stake center where they go with some seasoned missionaries to 
their appointments. 

We decided to invite the trainers to the mission home when these new Sisters arrived. They received the same instruction they had received when they first came in.
After training and dinner Sister Maddock and Sister Lee went out with two sets of Sisters to their appointments and the trainers were trained here by 
president Lowary.
After they returned we ask these new Sisters to tell us about their experiences. 
We finished about 9:30 and we could tell these Sisters were tired, so all four went to bed.


Today we went to the stake center again for the special program the missionaries that live around here do. It's an incredible song that always makes me cry because they sound like a heavenly angelic choir. 

The Sisters met and were trained by the office seniors couples:
Elder Bullock trained on finances
Sister Bullock trained on referrals, explained how to mail letters and packages, and how to order supplies
Sister Danley talked about taking care of their health; getting exercise, drinking lots of water, washing and sanitizing hands, and what to do when they are sick.
Elder Danley talked about keeping their apartments clean and what to do if they need repairs done.
Sister Mabey talked about emergency preparedness and how to fill out a baptismal record correctly
Elder Mabey talks about cell phones, cars, safety, and the wonderful TIWI

Sister Maddock is being trained by Sister Rhoton and they will be serving in 
Coos Bay

 Sister Lee will be trained by Sister Gregory and they will be serving in 
 Our newest missionaries and their trainers!

 And they are on their way!

They are all so happy to be on their way!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

On transfer day after we see the missionaries off at the transfer spot we run a few errands and then the missionaries start coming to the mission home. I have each one make me a scrapbook page. In fact I tell them that they can have their boarding pass when they give me their scrapbook page.  Elder Barclay and Sister Alldredge got here early and they are 
working hard on theirs.
The rest of the missionaries arrived throughout the afternoon and we always have dinner promptly at 5:00. After dinner the president finishes the exit interviews with the missionaries and we have a testimony meeting. This ended at about 9:30 and before they went to bed we took our final picture with these awesome missionaries.

Back left: Elder Barclay, Elder Mata, Sister Vance, Sister Alldredge, 
Sister Van Leuven, Sister Aguilar, and Sister Santa Maria.
President and Sister Russell (I really was happy, Elder Hill got me at mid-smile)

Monday, April 17, 2017

Transfer time again! Yes, it has only been five weeks, however, we had to change the date because of the mission president's seminar. we are at the transfer spot at 
18th Street in Eugene.

A cloudy day here in Eugene (not a surprise), but with all these wonderful missionaries here it seems like we have sunshine!
Left: Sister Peterson, Sister Mills, Sister Payne, Sister Wood, and Sister Santiago.

 These Sisters were all talking and laughing together. They love each other so much!
Left: Sister Nowell, Sister Stimpson, Sister Tofilau, Sister Clarke, Sister Gregory, and behind them is Sister Francis.

Sister Francis (she gets around!), Sister Udall, Sister Vittetoe, Sister Lunt, and Sister Alldredge (who will be leaving tomorrow­čÖü).

 Elder Hansen and Elder Baker (left) are having a conversation with Elder Lewis (on the right), Elder Peters is going home today, and Elder Dopp (wearing a jacket) smiles huge because he didn't have to work on transfers today.

It kind of looks like Elder Poston is lead singer and the backup singers are behind him: Elder Bowers, Elder Blair, Elder Kroll, Elder Wall, Elder Hill (still smiling after working on the transfers all weekend), and Elder Deppe. They really could just break out in song!

These missionaries are hovering by the door, which is a good idea because it's raining. Elder Lynn (wearing the baseball cap), Elder Hatfield, Elder McCleary, Elder Flake, Elder Burgi, and Elder Parker (behind).

Elder Huang counts to two and Elder Ho smiles!

We lost a few at the door and gained two: Elder Eckman and Elder Wikan.

And over packing up the car: Elder Egan, Elder Anderson, and Elder Moser. Elder Moser asked if I knew how to attach a bike rack to the car, I had to tell him I not only do not know how to attach the bike rack to the car, I don't know how to attach a bike to the bike rack. Perhaps I should be trained on that.

Elder Mabey is always smiling while waiting for the missionaries to board the van. And Elder Moser walks by.

Our newest AP ( and he's still smiling) is looking busily at the chart which tells which missionaries are on which van. It's a complicated process that I don't understand either. So much I don't know!

Sadness for Sister Clarke as she is leaving Sister Gregory. Sister Gregory will be training a new missionary.

I was talking with some missionaries when they all turned to see president Russell riding a bike around the parking lot! He looks like a natural!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

We had the changing of the guards again. This could be our last.
Elder Dopp is needed elsewhere and Elder Cronin will be joining Elder Hill.

Saturday, April 15, 2017


We had the role play before lunch today. You can see Sister Hammond listening intently to Sister Broadhead. 

What a great missionary Sister Allen is! And Sister Pfau listens  and is ready with a quick response.

Elder Searcy is getting a pamphlet out of his pocket to further teach Sister Zannoti and Elder Hafen is right in the middle of his role play with Elder Clark. 


I could be wrong, but I think Sister Zannoti, Sister Clark and Sister Hansen are ready for lunch!!! Elder Broadbent just laughs as he walks by.

Okay, Elders, try to hold your excitement down. Elder Ybanez, Elder Smith, Elder Martin, Elder Wagstaff, Elder Wardle. Elder Lambson brings the happiness for all of them!

Don't Elder and Sister Danley look so cute at the head of the table? Left: Sister Mann, Sister Sivula, and on the other side of the Danleys, we have Sister Cortez and Sister Hammond. 

Elder Mabey looks like he's been through four days of zone conferences...oh wait, he has!! Elder Carter, Elder Dopp, Elder Spurlock, and Elder Morris are keeping the thrills going at this table. 

Elder Johnson, Elder Jensen, Elder Ross, Elder Cougar Larsen, and Elder Gneiting are just so happy to be here!

Check out all of those bright teeth! 
Sister Duenas, Sister Van Leuven, Sister Viiga, Sister Morgan, Sister Broadhead, and Sister McClellan (and she's wearing polka-dots!)

Another table with joyful smiles! Elder Brosears, Eldder Searcy, Elder Thompson, president Cropper, Elder Zilles, Elder Norris, and Elder Green.

Elder Broadbent, Elder Clark, president Lowary, Elder Willits, Elder Kellerstrass, and Elder Miller.

So much beauty all at one table!! Sister Allen, Sister Harrison , Sister Roach, Sister Hansen, Sister Clark, Sister Zannoti, and Sister Jones.

I caught Sister Pfau walking and I made her stop so I could take her picture. Elder Adams in smiling in the background.

This time we got Elder Sivula in the picture!


Sister Zanotti, Sister Hansen, Sister Harrison.

The theme of this zone conference has been "we are lifters, not leaners'




We are finished with zone conferences for six weeks!

Today we have three zones together here in Roseburg:
 Roseburg, Grants Pass, and Coos Bay.
Before I began my presentation I had passed out the "Our Purpose" words on cards and ask the missionaries to stand and hold up the card with the words in order. I told them to really belt it out. Elder Chiu is small, about 90 pounds and his voice is small as well. Every time we would get to his line he said it as loud as he could, but it was barely heard. Then, I told them this was the last time and when it came to Elder Chiu his companion; Elder Mafi picked him up and he said it the loudest voice ever! I couldn't stop laughing. I asked them to do it one more time so
 I could get a picture for the blog.

 After my presentation there were a few more and it was time for


President Cropper, Elder Mabey,
and president Lowary take a moment to enjoy this great meal.

Elder Danley is helping Elder Mabey check all the cars in  the zones for oil level, tire pressure, cleanliness, etc. He's a tropper! (Even Sister Danley behind  is so proud of him!)

Elder and Sister Peterson and Elder and Sister Bernhardt on the right. We LOVE our senior couples!!!

On the left we have Elder Hill, Elder Peters, and Elder Lewis, then on to Elder Gage, Elder Holman, and Elder Cougar Larsen. You can see Elder Pierce sitting behind them.

On the left is Elder Alexander, Elder James Larsen, Elder Etherington, and Sister and Elder Woolley.

Here we have Elder Westover, Elder Peterson, Sister Rhoton, Sister Vance, and at the end is Sister Wilson with Sister Herbst. On the right we have Elder Thurgood with what appears to be an olive in his mouth, and Elder Wangsgard.

Elder Luke (your mom is probably rolling her eyes right now), Elder Murphy, and Elder Terry. On the right is Elder Atkinson.

And after that we go to more of the amazing Sisters! Sister Brown, Sister Cockrell, Sister Johnson and you can almost see Sister Peck. On the right front: Sister Herbst and Sister Wilson, Sister Vance and Sister Rhoton (again).

 Elder Dopp on the left and Elder Halam on the right.

A tentative smile from Sister Fjerstad, A big smile from Sister Wood. Sister Datwyler is eating a wonderful brownie with Sister Schroeder, and going around there is Sister Leavitt and Sister Minor with Elder Ellignhaus (probably with a big smile because he is next to all of these sweet Sisters).

 Elder Hatch always has a smile, Elder Bushman (eating healthy), peeking around him is Elder Cook and Elder Falatea, Elder Barclay and Elder Mafi. Front right is Elder Whirthlin, Elder Baxter, Elder Hoskins, Elder Simms,
Elder Henley, and Elder Rawlings.

Sister  Aguilar, Sister Hepworth, Elder Chiu, And the rest kind of moved around.


Sister Herbst, Elder Simms, Elder Barclay, Elder Westover, Elder Lewis, Elder Knell, Sister Vance, Sister Datwyler, Elder Alexander, Elder Hatch, and Elder Peterson!




President Lowary always have a great object lesson. He has Elder Hill holding a flashlight at the back of the room for Elder Barclay to see. With each (what seems to be insignificant) disobedience he puts another piece of cloth over Elder Barclay's eyes until he can not longer see any "Light". Pointing out that all sins matter, especially when you are a missionary because we need the Holy Ghost!