To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

 Our newest grandson, Andrew Jeffrey came into the world on November 24th! We are so happy!

On Saturday evening Sister Sue Coon was baptized into the Church by Elder Argyle and the Confirmation was performed by Elder Hyde. It was a fantastic experience! Welcome to the Church, Sister Coon! 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

It's hard to say good-bye to absolutely outstanding missionaries. We wish them the best!

 Sister Russell, President Russell on the front row
Sister Aldous, Sister Wood, Sister Orr, Elder Benard, Elder Georgia
in the mission home.

 One more picture at the airport.

Elder Georgia took an earlier flight.

The next day, we go back to the airport to pick up these brand-new, wonderful missionaries!

Front row: Sister Ansus, Sister Geisler, Sister Russell, President Russell, 
Sister Newsome,
Back row: Elder Kung, Elder Redding, Elder Black, Elder Kaufman, Elder Adams

Our new companionships

 Elder Kaufman with Elder Sutton.

Sister Ansus with Sister Peterson

Sister Geisler with Sister Haugen

Elder Hooker with Elder Adams 

Elder Huang with Elder Kung 

 Elder Nash with Elder Black

Elder Ricks with Elder Redding 

 Sister Newsome with Sister Peterson

 We love our new missionaries!

Altogether before they head out to their areas!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Excitement at Transfers!

Every six weeks we have 'transfers'. Many of the Elders and Sisters have packed their bags and are going to another area. We met in Eugene and many will go in different directions.

 For Elder Cho, this is his first transfer, but he really isn't being transferred yet. He is with his companion/trainer, Elder Wright. Elder Georgia (looking down) is going home tomorrow:( Elder Despain (right) is looking so serious and Elder Hyde (far right) is giving instructions.

 Some are saying good bye, and some are just SO HAPPY to see each other! Sister Coon, is always happy!! Sister Neilson has a perpetual smile there in the back. Sister Peterson hugs Sister Collins. Sister Stucki is excited to be with the Sisters.
Sisterr Haugen (left) is talking with her now former companion, Sister Bigalow. Sister Orr is probably giving last minute instructions as she will be going home tomorrow.

 Elder Pickett is posing. Check out the socks! Oh, and the shorts, it is 28 degrees today. Sister Orr and Sister Arnoldson are amused, Elder Huang and Elder Nash smile for the camera, and Elder Billmire is in charge of the donuts, a most important responsibility!

Huddle! Just trying to keep warm!
You may think this is a hug, nope, trying to keep the body heat in.

 Elder Kunz looks warm, he actually dressed for the cold weather! Elder Jeffery Smith tells his fellow missionaries good bye.

 Elder Redd waves as Elder Kimber looks on. What, no coat?
Sister Cockrell; the rose among thorns, no, they are all good looking!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

 President and Sister Russell went to San Diego for a Mission President and Wife seminar. Before we started the seminar we went to the San Diego Temple. It was a beautiful day. 

We are with President and Sister Mullen from the California Riverside Mission, and President and Sister Taylor of the Washington Vancouver Mission.

Our hotel was right on the beach and it was apparently a good day for surfing.

We are with President and Sister Burt of the Canada Vancouver Mission. We have made life-long, even eternal friends.

Many of us went to visit the Mormon Battalion site and we were privileged
 to  be with 
Elder and Sister Christofferson

 We were blessed to be with so many other wonderful Mission presidents and wives, we are with the President and Sister Felix from the California Ventura Mission.

 And also with President and Sister Robinson from the Anchorage Alaska Mission.
 Before we headed to the airport we stopped once again at the San Diego Temple. This time we met the Temple President and his wife.

MLC (Mission Leadership Training) was held in Roseburg in October. This is the leadership of the Oregon Eugene Mission.

Sister Mackley looks on as Sister Arnoldson takes copious notes. Elder Brewer and Sister Dunn are riveted on what President Russell is saying.

All of these leaders are intently listening to what is being said because they will go back and teach the missionaries in their zones. 
Has anyone ever seen Elder Fakahua or Sister Healy without a smile on their face???? 

Elder Mecham, Elder Keller, and Elder O'Neal are all  studying something important. Sister Peterson is engaging in conversation with her companion; Sister Healy.

Elder Walton and Elder Bradley are teaching each other and being taught as well.

 Sometimes we girls just have to stick together! See all the Sister Training Leaders, now there is a power house!

These are our friends, the Mabey's. Elder and Sister Mabey just completed a
 2-year mission in Vancouver, Canada.  They were kind enough 
to come and spend some time at the mission home.
Elder Mabey is also a Stake Patriarch and will be resuming his 
responsibilities when they get back to their home. 
We are so grateful for their friendship.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

 Holy bread fight! Who  is going to win?? Will it be Elder Sorenson? or will this nice sweet lady take him down?!!

President Russell is interviewing all of the missionaries. While he does, the Assistants instruct the rest of the missionaries.
 The Assistants are teaching about Facebook. They played Jeopardy!
This one Sister Sterling and Elder Arias are trying to answers this question first.
 Here Elder Georgia and Elder Heaton are deep in concentration.
Elder Shaw nailed it!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The last night as full-time missionaries. Elder Johnson contemplates the future. Elders Sudweeks, Tanner, Bethea, and Ohlwiler move the chairs to the dining room for the last time. 

The last group picture!

Elder Tanner had to be to the airport at 5:00 a.m.

The rest of the missionaries didn't leave until 1:00 p.m. So, to keep busy, they played Skipbo.

 It was very intense!!!
 Good bye! We love you!!

And then, the next day, Hello! Welcome to the OEM!!!

Arriving at the mission home. 

They begin a new chapter in their lives.A

President Russell gives instruction.

These new missionaries are already very prepared.

They listened intently.

And then, we had lunch out on the patio.  
Sister Murdock, Sister Stenberg, Elder Strech, and Elder Jarrard, Elder Chang, Sister Hall, and Sister Linstedt.

 "We enjoyed MTC food....well, kind of. But this is really good!!

                         The Fluckigers  are enjoying a little break. They work very hard!

 Elder Hyde looks on as Elder and Sister Christensen take a minute to relax (it doesn't happen very often).

 Hi, mom!
After a night at the mission home, teaching with other missionaries, they are ready to go!

  And here we are all together with their companions! They all look so good!
We went to Grants Pass (and lots of other areas) for the President to interview. We were asked to dinner by The Three Musketeer-ettes; Sister Aldous, Sister Cathro, Sister Shirley. It was delicious! Sister Dougherty and Sister Sands brought dessert. 

 We went to the Roseburg ZTM. See how serious and reserved they are, but wait......

What happened?!!! They are so cute!