To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Monday, November 17, 2014

Excitement at Transfers!

Every six weeks we have 'transfers'. Many of the Elders and Sisters have packed their bags and are going to another area. We met in Eugene and many will go in different directions.

 For Elder Cho, this is his first transfer, but he really isn't being transferred yet. He is with his companion/trainer, Elder Wright. Elder Georgia (looking down) is going home tomorrow:( Elder Despain (right) is looking so serious and Elder Hyde (far right) is giving instructions.

 Some are saying good bye, and some are just SO HAPPY to see each other! Sister Coon, is always happy!! Sister Neilson has a perpetual smile there in the back. Sister Peterson hugs Sister Collins. Sister Stucki is excited to be with the Sisters.
Sisterr Haugen (left) is talking with her now former companion, Sister Bigalow. Sister Orr is probably giving last minute instructions as she will be going home tomorrow.

 Elder Pickett is posing. Check out the socks! Oh, and the shorts, it is 28 degrees today. Sister Orr and Sister Arnoldson are amused, Elder Huang and Elder Nash smile for the camera, and Elder Billmire is in charge of the donuts, a most important responsibility!

Huddle! Just trying to keep warm!
You may think this is a hug, nope, trying to keep the body heat in.

 Elder Kunz looks warm, he actually dressed for the cold weather! Elder Jeffery Smith tells his fellow missionaries good bye.

 Elder Redd waves as Elder Kimber looks on. What, no coat?
Sister Cockrell; the rose among thorns, no, they are all good looking!