To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Saturday, August 30, 2014

At the airport saying good-bye to some of the best missionaries ever! They will be spreading their wings to fly! We love you!!!
Elder Argyle and Elder Austin taught a man, his name is Race. He was baptized tonight and this is after the baptism with Sister Russell, President Russell, Elder Argyle, Elder Hyde (the AP) and Elder Austin who just returned home with honor.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Thursday, August 21, 2014

On August 19th we had a multi-zone meeting in Eugene with the Coos Bay,Corvallis, Santa Clara,Springfield, Eugene zones.

All of the Sisters and Elders celebrating birthdays in the months of July and August. Happy Birthday!!

Sister Peterson, Sister Lawrence, Sister Orr, and Sister Mackley looking beautiful as always.

Elder and Sister Neilson visiting the Mission office.

President and Sister Russell with Elder and Sister Neilson

The Mission at a Glance.


Coos Bay
Santa Clara

Grants Pass
Central Point

Klamath Falls

Our multi-zone meeting August 18th with Elder Brent Neilson and his wife Marcia, including the Medford, Central Point, Roseburg, Grant's Pass, Coos Bay, and Klamath Falls zones outside the Medford temple.
What an impressive group!

All of  the Elders and Sisters who celebrated a birthday in July and August. Happy Birthday!
This is the southern half of the OEM.

Lunch was provided by the Medford Stake Relief Society

Hawaiian Haystacks! It was great!

Wait, how many times have you Elders been up to the serving table??

We sing the OEM Thank you song to these sweet Sisters who took so much time and effort for us.

Sister Bonetti, Sister Jenkins, Sister Labrum, and Sister Bohannon enjoying a brief respite.

And then we sing the OEM song! Wow! We're good!

Sister Russell with Sister Opheim and Sister Cathro saying "Ta Ta for now"!

Sister Russell, Sister Bingham, and Sister Cathro with Sister Neilson at the end of the day.

Our APs just finished a morning run before another busy day at the mission home, well, Elder Austin ran, Elder Argyle followed with the car, hey, somebody has to watch out for bad guys while Elder Austin runs!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Portland Temple trip
We had a wonderful day taking in a session at the Portland Temple.

Elder Austin displaying the fruit bowl. His comment: "Is this left-over fruit?" Unfortunately, Elder Austin will never live it down. 

The finished product: Our hearts are in the OEM!

Elder Argyle frosting the cake. Notice the technique!

Our morning visitor; a little fawn. The mom has already headed to another yard.

We have been spiritually and physically fed. Time to go teach what we've learned!

What? no swords?

So, we are the modern-day Three
Musketeer-ettes? Oh, yeah!

How does that Church hymn go, "Oh refreshments, oh refreshments"? no, wait, I think it's "Oh refresh us, oh refresh us" (Lord, Dismiss Us with Thy Blessing pg.163) Sort of the same thing, though.

Break for a little 'girl talk'.

Um, Elders sitting on the sofa and Sisters standing, what's wrong with this picture? I'm guessing the Elders got there first.
Taking a break from MLC in our family room.

It's hard to see the bridge behind me but it's really cute and quaint here in Blue River.

The tiny Blue River Branch church they meet in.
The building may have been small, but the spirit in this branch is huge.

Now the Blue River looks even better!

Another view of the Blue River

Blue River
We are trying to go to each ward and branch in our mission. This week we chose the Blue River Branch.

Some of the outstanding people that bring this district together and make it so strong.

We were welcomed so warmly. 

Sweet Chinese Sisters we met at the testimony meeting.

Happy Chinese members and visitors!
We were invited to the Corvallis/Chinese  testimony meeting.