To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

 Elder Kleinman is in charge of all vehicles.
What makes Elder Kleinman grumpy???
When missionaries do not do all of the following:

At every zone conference Elder Kleinman inspects all vehicles.
Things that make him grumpy are missionaries who do not do everything listed below in a timely manner:
All missionaries must report on their mileage and keep the miles within their limit. Violations; speeding, etc. (Elder Kleinman KNOWS about those when they happen thanks to an unbelievable computer program!) Car maintenance: oil changes, tire rotations, tire pressure (each tire must be at 35 psi and checked every Monday), Turning in gas receipts, filling out reports, i.e. bike accidents, car accidents, car damage. Keeping the cars clean, inside and out, including the trunk. 
He offered an incentive; the zone with the highest score overall got a pizza party. The last winner was Santa Clara zone. Elder Kleinman announced the winner for this period........Santa Clara zone won again! So, President Russell offered an incentive to anyone that could beat that record: ice cream with the pizza.
The competition is on!
                           Sister Kleinman helps Elder Kleinman with the inspection.

Because Santa Clara had a pizza party last time, Elder Kleinman provided hamburgers, chips and drinks for this party.

Congratulations, Santa Clara!


President Russell noticed that P-days were mostly doing wash, cleaning apartments, writing letters, etc. In other words; just another work day. So, he gave each zone some money for a mini Olympics!

Marshmallow stuff: the district wins that can have one player stuff the most marshmallows in his/her companion's mouth.

Don't they look so excited?!!

Next; put shower caps on and spray with shaving cream. the object is to have a team mate throw Cheetos and see how many stick!

 These are all the pictures we received, but, we know one of the districts got  pizza party!

On August 27, 2014 we had our newest missionaries come in. Unfortunately, President Russell was not at the airport, nor the mission home when they arrived. He was quite ill and in the ER. Don't worry, he's better now. But because of that, we did not get these pictures posted at that time.
These missionaries are doing incredibly well, they hit the ground running

 Elder Gallagher

 Sister Vance

 Elder Howard

 Elder Nelson

 Elder Hsiung

 Elder Chapman

Elder Earl

 Elder Batt

 Elder Arias

 Elder Kelsey 

 Elder Cho

Elder Bearss

 Sister Stucki 

 Elder Berry

Elder Terrell 
 Today we went to the Portland Temple with these wonderful missionaries who are going home in less than two weeks. We have the absolute best missionaries on the OEM!

Zone conference in Eugene/Roseburg:
 Again, we have the object lesson on "how much can an investigator take in one lesson?"
Elder Ellsworth (playing Mrs. Jones) is a bit worried about the missionaries, but mostly about his husband, Mr. Jones (Elder O'Neal) who keeps asking more questions.

 All of the missionaries seemed to be having much more fun than Elder Ellsworth (Mrs. Jones)

Sister Chalfant is SO excited to 'share' the gospel with "Mrs. Jones"!
Sister Wood is merciless! "You need all 5 lessons tonight, Mrs. Jones!"

 The Springfield and Santa Clara Zones, calm and composed.

 Springfield and Santa Clara Zones get crazy!

 The Santa Clara Zone, just like they're in Church.

Santa Clara Zone at the zoo???? 

 Notice the calmness of the Springfield Zone, but wait for it....

 Wowzers! Can they get carried away!

 Of all the object lessons we had with every zone, this one was the most difficult. "Mr. Jones" (Elder Terrell) apparently really wanted to give his "wife" Mrs. Jones (Elder Hansen) an easy time. Not only that, but the 'missionaries' Sister Phillips and Sister Arnoldsen were none too excited to teach too much. We could still be here today 'teaching' and not fill up the cup. Way to go Sisters!

 We are ready to sing the "Thank You Song" to the wonderful Relief Society sisters that prepared lunch for us!

 The Corvallis Zone, smiling, acting like well-behaved missionaries, and then...

 Holy Cats! They are out of control!


Monday, September 22, 2014

On August 23rd Race McNaughten, a wonderful person Elders Austin and Argyle taught the gospel to was baptized. 

Race and his fiance'
Elder Argyle and Elder Austin with Race

Race with his parents

Sunday, September 14, 2014

 Our September and October birthdays in Coos Bay. 
Elder Tanner and Sister Weaver. Happy Birthday!!!
Our Awesome senior couple in Coos Bay, Elder and Sister Thayn! Sister Thayn makes THE BEST Whole wheat bread!
President Lowary, Elder Argyle, and Elder Hyde take a 'selfie' Notice the matching ties for Elder Argyle and Elder Hyde. Notice how President Lowary nor President Russell (not pictured) did  not get matching ties when Elder Argyle and Elder Hyde got theirs. President Russell and President Lowary are going to talk about not being selfish at the next zone conference. (Just kidding...sort of)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Zone conference in Medford and Klamath Falls zones. They are so dedicated to the work, and then...
we see the REAL Medford and Klamath Falls zones! President Lowary, the first counselor in our mission presidency is taking the pictures, after a serious one, he says, "Look at the top of my head, Go crazy" They need no more invitation.

But first, we had lunch!
The Relief Society in the Medford and Klamath Falls stakes provide a wonderful meal!
Sister Boneti, Sister Jenkins, 
Sister West, Sister Peterson,
Sister Clawson, and Sister Moore enjoyed lunch!
Elder Gurvine LOVES dessert best!
Elder Argyle was so afraid
 he wouldn't get in the picture, 
he stood front and center
to eat his salad.

Sister Frandsen, Sister Miller, Sister McCleary,and Sister Bingham
are ready for a photo op!


We celebrated September and October birthdays, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

President Russell had an object lesson. Sister Cathro and Sister Jones were missionaries visiting 'Mrs. Smith' , sitting  (Elder Anderson) and 'Mr. Smith' standing (Elder Ayre). How much can an investigator take in with the one lesson?? Will it fill the cup, or is it too much? Sister Jones did not want to pour too much (and she's good at keeping it right to the brim...until President Russell nudged her elbow).


For some reason we did not get a 'crazy' picture of this zone, but they CAN get crazy! Most of the time they are fantastic!!
Birthdays in Grants Pass and Central Point, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

For some reason, the camera malfunctioned and many pictures from this zone conference did not turn out. That's a shame! It was just as great and we have such amazing missionaries!

The 'picture perfect' Coos Bay zone.
The side most do not see!

Again, our object lesson; 
Our missionaries are Sister Slater and Sister Adams. The investigators are 'Mrs. Smith' , sitting (Elder Ohlwiler) and Mr. Smith, standing (Elder Richins). Sister Slater had no problem 'teaching' several concepts of the gospel to Mrs. Smith. It was Mr. Smith that continued to asked questions. Let's say Mrs. Smith got a little 'baptized' on their first visit!