To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Zone conference in Medford and Klamath Falls zones. They are so dedicated to the work, and then...
we see the REAL Medford and Klamath Falls zones! President Lowary, the first counselor in our mission presidency is taking the pictures, after a serious one, he says, "Look at the top of my head, Go crazy" They need no more invitation.

But first, we had lunch!
The Relief Society in the Medford and Klamath Falls stakes provide a wonderful meal!
Sister Boneti, Sister Jenkins, 
Sister West, Sister Peterson,
Sister Clawson, and Sister Moore enjoyed lunch!
Elder Gurvine LOVES dessert best!
Elder Argyle was so afraid
 he wouldn't get in the picture, 
he stood front and center
to eat his salad.

Sister Frandsen, Sister Miller, Sister McCleary,and Sister Bingham
are ready for a photo op!


We celebrated September and October birthdays, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

President Russell had an object lesson. Sister Cathro and Sister Jones were missionaries visiting 'Mrs. Smith' , sitting  (Elder Anderson) and 'Mr. Smith' standing (Elder Ayre). How much can an investigator take in with the one lesson?? Will it fill the cup, or is it too much? Sister Jones did not want to pour too much (and she's good at keeping it right to the brim...until President Russell nudged her elbow).


For some reason we did not get a 'crazy' picture of this zone, but they CAN get crazy! Most of the time they are fantastic!!
Birthdays in Grants Pass and Central Point, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

For some reason, the camera malfunctioned and many pictures from this zone conference did not turn out. That's a shame! It was just as great and we have such amazing missionaries!

The 'picture perfect' Coos Bay zone.
The side most do not see!

Again, our object lesson; 
Our missionaries are Sister Slater and Sister Adams. The investigators are 'Mrs. Smith' , sitting (Elder Ohlwiler) and Mr. Smith, standing (Elder Richins). Sister Slater had no problem 'teaching' several concepts of the gospel to Mrs. Smith. It was Mr. Smith that continued to asked questions. Let's say Mrs. Smith got a little 'baptized' on their first visit!