To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

 Elder Kleinman is in charge of all vehicles.
What makes Elder Kleinman grumpy???
When missionaries do not do all of the following:

At every zone conference Elder Kleinman inspects all vehicles.
Things that make him grumpy are missionaries who do not do everything listed below in a timely manner:
All missionaries must report on their mileage and keep the miles within their limit. Violations; speeding, etc. (Elder Kleinman KNOWS about those when they happen thanks to an unbelievable computer program!) Car maintenance: oil changes, tire rotations, tire pressure (each tire must be at 35 psi and checked every Monday), Turning in gas receipts, filling out reports, i.e. bike accidents, car accidents, car damage. Keeping the cars clean, inside and out, including the trunk. 
He offered an incentive; the zone with the highest score overall got a pizza party. The last winner was Santa Clara zone. Elder Kleinman announced the winner for this period........Santa Clara zone won again! So, President Russell offered an incentive to anyone that could beat that record: ice cream with the pizza.
The competition is on!
                           Sister Kleinman helps Elder Kleinman with the inspection.

Because Santa Clara had a pizza party last time, Elder Kleinman provided hamburgers, chips and drinks for this party.

Congratulations, Santa Clara!


President Russell noticed that P-days were mostly doing wash, cleaning apartments, writing letters, etc. In other words; just another work day. So, he gave each zone some money for a mini Olympics!

Marshmallow stuff: the district wins that can have one player stuff the most marshmallows in his/her companion's mouth.

Don't they look so excited?!!

Next; put shower caps on and spray with shaving cream. the object is to have a team mate throw Cheetos and see how many stick!

 These are all the pictures we received, but, we know one of the districts got  pizza party!