To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

On September 24th we went to the Portland Temple with our wonderful missionaries who are going home: Sister Miller, Sister Nealy, Sister LeSueur, Sister Fluckiger (not going home), Sister Neilson, Sister Phillips, and
 Sister Labrum,
Elder Johnson, Elder Sudweeks, Elder Bethea, President Russell and Sister Russell (also not going home), Elder Hansen, Elder Tanner, Elder Fluckiger (not going home), and Elder Ohlwiler.
The are the BEST missionaries and we will miss them!!

Sister Nealy and Sister Phillips, holding on to a sure foundation!

Earlier that week, President Russell in his office. Behind him is the name and picture of every missionary in the OEM and where they are serving.

We went to the Medford Temple on Saturday,September 27th with Sister Moore, Sister Clawson, President and Sister Russell, Sister Partridge, Sister Miller, Elder Taylor, and Elder Berry. It was a perfect day.


We went to Coos Bay on Monday and had a few minutes to see the ocean.

The ocean was so peaceful

 This is Table Rock, one of the many landmarks on this beach. 

There are many beautiful lighthouses!

Our MLC was held in Coos Bay. 

Lunch is always everyone's favorite part.

 A way to relax and enjoy a little small talk.

The Elders saw a chance for a photo-op.

 Can you say, "Cheese.....burrito?

 That was a great appetizer, when's lunch? 

What a spread! They feed us incredibly well.

Elder Hyde and Elder Argyle said, "We are the APs, we should look bigger than everybody else. 
And they did!


 At the end of the MLC, President Russell took the mission leadership to  a lighthouse.

 It was good to have the Elders inside the lighthouse so they weren't playing on the jagged rocks.

"Be the lighthouse for the Lord,
                Bring them safely home" President Russell

...And then they got crazy.