To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Monday, October 26, 2015

On Thursday morning we went over to the stake center in Eugene. When we entered the chapel this is the sight we saw! Several missionaries come to sing an absolutely beautiful song to the new missionaries.  The new trainers are also up there. (I still cry every time I hear the song.)

Then we have some of the trainers recite Our Purpose, Joseph's First Vision, and D&C 4. Then we have a Sister and an Elder on the stand (also trainers) bear their testimonies.
 Introducing: the newest missionaries and their companions!

Sister Chang is training Sister Heiden

Elder Ybanez will be trained by Elder West

 Elder Hatch will be trained by Elder Bushman

Sister Alldredge will be trained by Sister Sands

Sister Steele will be training Sister Van Leuven

Elder Peterson will be trained by Elder Batt 

 Elder Wagstaff is being trained by Elder Losee

Elder Simms will be trained by Elder Thibault (pronounced T-Bow) 

Elder Mafi is being trained by Elder Porter

Elder Vidmar will be trained by Elder Billmire 

 Sister Santa Maria will be trained by 
Sister Crandall

Sister Kafton will be trained by Sister Poulsen

Elder Knell will be trained by Elder Hsuing

Elder Eckman will be trained by Elder Holman

Sister Hokanson will be trained by Sister Wood 

Sister Vance will be trained by Sister Newsome

Sister Nowell will be trained by Sister Brownlee

Sister Schrecengost will be trained by 
Sister Dobbs

Sister Aguilar will be trained by Sister Sidhu (they tried to run off without a picture).

One last group picture with all our new missionaries

 ...with their trainers!

And, they're off!

Sister Sands shows signs of stress??? No, she's looking for her keys. She doesn't want to walk to Newport!

 They all have to get their luggage, etc., it's set up around the sides of the cultural hall

It's starting to clearing out.

Sister Wood is holding something really important, don't know what though.

Sister Dobbs still has something to say to the Elders.

This is Elder Workman, the president's AP with Elder Losee who is showing us his tongue(?) Check out Elder Hsiung and Elder Knell with some pretty good dance moves. Elder Wagstaff is just hanging back.

 This is Sister Sowter, she is not a new missionary, however, she broke her ankle and is currently working in the office until she gets her cast off.

 Check out the determination of Elder Mati! These two are going to take Brookings by storm!!

 I'm with Elder Thibault and Elder Simms. When Elder Thibault was with Elder Black  they always wanted a selfie with me. I guess the tradition continues with Elder Thibault's new companion, Elder Simms! 

All of the Elders have bikes. Elder Losee is helping Elder Wagstaff with his since Elder Wagstaff''s hands are full.

One last good bye.

The office packs a small bag with a granola bar and an apple with a bottled water for the road. Some have a long drive. Sometimes the snack does not make it to the 'road'.

 Lots to load into the trailers.

 Elder Holman is doing a last minute check before he and Elder Eckman take off.


Sister Brownlee tells Sister Nowell that she KNOWS this will all fit into the car!??

"...Okay, I have hangers, now I just need something to hang on them!" Sister Heiden is SO prepared. (Actually, they are not her hangers).


Elder Bushman is ready to go.

 Elder Hatch gives me smile as he heads to the car.

Sister Van Leuven and Sister Steele want one last picture. 

These missionaries and trainers are awesome!!!! We can't adequately express the love we have for them.
And now we welcome the newest additions to the greatest mission on earth!!

Our new missionaries arrived Wednesday. They are all excited to be in the best mission in the world, the OEM!!!

We brought them to the mission home where they met the senior missionaries that work in our mission office. Then, we fed them lunch. After lunch and training it was time for dinner! As a tradition, we send our new missionaries out with seasoned missionaries to go to their appointments or whatever they have planned. Sometimes it's tracting. When they return we hear from each new missionary what they did. It is amazing how many give out a Book of Mormon or a pass-along card the first day! Then we send these tired missionaries to bed. The Sisters stayed at the mission home and the Elders stayed with the Assistants.
What an exciting day!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Good-byes are so hard!! We love these missionaries so much! We wish them the best. 

 Front row: President and Sister Russell and Sister Shirley.
Back row: Elders Taito. Jamison, Murdock, Kunz,and Allred.

Elder Jamison's parents came to pick him up.
And once again I must apologize for the space between posts, its' been a little busy here. Last Monday we had transfers. President Russell and I go over to the transfer spot in Eugene, which is the 18th Street Stake Center.

The Sisters are always so cute! This is Sister Allen and Sister Rasmussen.

 Sister  Crandall with Sister Fausett. Beautiful Sisters!
Sister Yeung and Sister Moore. They are so wonderful!

A group of missionaries are just talking and ignoring me, BUT, not Elder Losee who is giving me the "I have a thumb and a little finger" gesture, and Elder Godfrey has a sly smile.

For Elder Losee this time, I'm not sure what he's thinking, maybe it's the casual, cool, hand in the pocket, backward look(?) Sister Wood has that ever-so-cute smile and Elder Godfrey is also doing the casual look. Two thumbs up from Elder Eldridge. Notice how Elder Rigby just slip part way in behind Elder Losee.
Now the pose!!!

 Elder Murdock has the biggest smile ever! Elder Nash notices his smile as well.

Sister Wood with Elder Godfrey, Sister Asregadoo, and Elder Briceno (that's probably the 'caught off guard' pose).
Now they are all smiles!

 Elder Best does his happy dance.

 Somehow Elder Billmire procured a football. Notice the not-so-innocent look.
One final hug, as these two are no longer companions. Elder Eldridge actually trained Elder Webb.

 Why is Elder Losee in all of the pictures??? Here he is talking with Elder Blackwelder.

 'Elder' group shot with Elder Eldridge on bended knee. Not sure where the Sisters went.
Another group shot with Elders Rigby and Losee getting ready to do a Russian dance(?)

A true action shot with President Russell, he's not doing any cool action moves.

Check out pure happiness with Elder Egan, Elder Goode, some random guy, (not sure why he's there) and Elder West.
Another random guy (well, this is Oregon) with Elder Thompson and Elder Wardle also showing off his thumbs and little fingers.

 Ladies and Gentlemen: Elder Workman showing off is talent as he plays "Stairway to...Heavenly Places" on his air guitar!

 This is one deep conversation, like maybe "who still has to do his wash on this lovely P-day?" Still no more Sisters.
Elder Hsiung and Elder Cho just happy to be here.

Um, the Magnificent Seven (yeah, none of them look like Yul Brenner or Steve McQueen).

Elder Bonham pretending to talk on his phone because if he was really talking on his phone his companion would be right next to him.

One final happy shot. Elder West and Elder Jamison showing us that they can count to two!
And the Sisters have left the building! (Or the parking lot.)