To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Sunday, October 18, 2015

President Russell interviews all of the missionaries quarterly (at least). While we were with the Grants Pass Zone I took a picture of Elder Kunz and Elder Harper,  the two zone leaders there.

 Then a few days later we had our MLC for October. The zone leaders, STLs, and district leaders were all invited. Below are some pictures that were taken there.

 We have many role-plays at our meetings. This helps the missionaries become more comfortable talking to everyone. These leaders will take all of this back to their zones and teach it at ZTM (zone training meeting) on Friday.

Sometimes the Chinese Elders speak in Cantonese (or Mandarin) so we just assume they are role-playing, Honestly, these are outstanding missionaries!

 Sister Bigelow and Sister Adams are having a great role-play.

 Some can get a little intense(?) Elder Whyte (left)  is talking with Elder Spencer.
Elder Kimber is pretty convincing!

Sister Sands is role-playing with Elder Sutton. Elder Nash is listening in.

Elder Workman is overseeing all of this.

 Elder Kunz and Elder Harper are pretty laid back here. But make no mistake, these are wonderful missionaries!

President Russell is teaching.
Lunch time!!!!

Elder Kimber (left) has part of his sandwich on his hands. Elder Bonham looks on with an interesting look. Behind them is Elder Scott with the permanent grin we always see him with. Then Elder Kunz and Elder Earl give the thumbs-up.

Elder Kunz looks a bit confused, or maybe he is ponderizing the sandwich. Smiles from Elder Earl and Elder Myers with Elder Berry standing be behind on the left. Elder Redding and Elder Billmire are on the right. That is Elder Allred barely showing next to him.
 More happy Elders! Elder Blackwelder on the left, Elder Wells on the right, Elder Black is standing on the right with a little bit of Elder Thurgood's head. Behind him is Elder Hinton and standing on the left is Elder Berry again with Elder Enman making the big O. Elder Russell is behind him.

Any meeting with Elder Black means a selfie with me. He never forgets!

 Elder Russell again with Elder Goode behind him. Elder Perrine and Elder Strech are next to them. Elder Fernelius, Elder Sutton, Elder Rigby and Elder Blake on the right.
Elder Lambson and Elder Allred on the left and Elder Bearrs and Elder Murdock on the right.

Now for the beautiful flowers: Sister Holiday, Sister Bigelow, Sister Ansus, and Sister Newell on left. Sister Jones, Sister Adams, Sister Peterson, Sister Shirley, Sister Poulson, and Sister Clawson on the right.

 A new angle of the Beautiful Sisters.
Our Chinese Elders: Elder Huang, and Elder Hsiung on the left. Elder Kung and Elder Wong on the right. 

Here we have Elder Sutterfield on the left and again Elder Harper (he gets around!), Elder Kelsey, Elder Tonini and Elder Eldredge at the end. Right front, Elder Barclay (it must have been an off day for him, he's usually in just about every shot!)  Elder Crowell is not facing the carmera, Elder Chapman and Elder Taito.

At the head table is Elder Workman, President Russell, Elder Nash, President Cropper and President Lowary.

Back to work, Sister Weaver, Sister Sands, Sister Olson, Sister Frandsen, and Sister Carter smiling!!!!

Three more absolutely gorgeous Sisters; Sister Moore, Sister Stucki, and Sister Lawrence.
The wonderful Sisters that prepared the meal!

 Sister Sutterfield

 Sister Phipps

Sister Christensen
The MLC is over and everyone gets ready to go back to their areas.


And finally, our MLC picture: the leadership of the OEM