To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Sunday, December 20, 2015

 Elder Workman and Elder Losee are both working hard before the ZTM (zone training meeting) in Klamath Falls starts.

I got a picture of (left) Elder Etherington, Elder Johnson (behind him), Elder Stretch and behind him Elder Ellis, waiting patiently for ZTM to start.

Sister Va Leuven and  Sister Rasmussen are prepared for ZTM.

We've had specialized training for the last 6 days. It's a break-neck schedule, but with the Lord's help we all made it!
Here, Sister Phipps is getting ready to give a presentation on mental health. Elder Whyte is helping her with the program.

 And wherever Elder Black is there is a selfie! Behind Elder Black is Elder Wells on the left, me, Elder Harper back, and Elder Whyte behind me. We are in the kitchen in the Grants Pass zone. I had just purchased pizza for the zone and we were getting it ready when Elder Black came it.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Post specialized training in Grants Pass

Most of Grants Pass and Roseburg zones came for specialized training, most have gone home these are the die-hards that haven't left yet. Elder Harper is teaching me to blog from my iPhone. 
Left: Elder Whyte, Elder Harper, Sister Aguilar, Sister Brandley, Sister Stucki, Sister Newsome, Elder Workman, Elder Black.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

MLC for December

MLC for December

Almost every time I see Elder Black, we need a 'selfie'.

 The best time to take pictures without being disruptive is during lunch. Our office missionaries do an incredible job of fixing the best lunches for us!

This is the 'Chinese' table. I know that Elder Crowell doesn't look Chinese, but he is at the Chinese table!  

Now we have the lovely Sister missionaries, our STLs! On the left is Sister Doxey, Sister Linstedt, Sister Woolfe, and Sister Newsome. On the right is Sister Holiday, Sister Adams, and Sister Fausett. The Sisters always brighten up the room.
 So...the Elders love  the camera! Some remain in a dignified missionary pose like Elder Hinton, and then we have on the left Elder Thurgood with something in his mouth (I think it makes his smile bigger:)!) Next is Elder Earl who is showing us that he chews and swallows his food before he opens his mouth. Way to go, Elder Earl! To his left is Elder Wells, Elder Perrine, Elder Roller, Elder Harper and Elder Black. Front right is Elder Swiderski, Elder Arias, Elder Cluff, and Elder Campbell who is doing his impersonation of a chipmunk, pretty good, huh?

 Speaking of dignified; Sister Chang, Sister Yeung, and Bingham. On the right is Sister Ansus, and Sister Stucki

Elder Morris is eating his chips and Elder Whyte (the preident's AP)  is caught right after he took a bite. Elder Bearss is just his happy self and Elder Adams is demonstrating how to eat a sandwich, Good job, Elder Adams!

 More beautiful STLs! Sister Geisler, Sister Connelley, Sister Allen, Sister Steele, and Sister Brownlee. On the right; Sister Rasmussen, Sister Newell, and just poking her head up is Sister Didier. The Elders in the back take another opportunity to pose for the camera.

 Here is President Russell on the left, and the back of President Lowary's head, and Elder Workman, the president's AP.

Here is the front of President Lowary's head! 

Our Mission Leadership Council...all dignified

Um...not so much, but they are having fun!

After our departing missionaries depart I almost always find notes around the mission home. This is what we found this time:
We miss our missionaries so much! But we're also happy that they are embarking on new adventures.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Introducing the newest missionaries in the greatest mission on earth; the OEM!!
We took this picture outside the mission home right before we left for the church.

 President Russell doing some last minute training.

All of our wonderful office senior couples took time to explain what they do for the missionaries (They do a lot!!!)

 They all listen intently.

 I wanted to get the other side of the room in the picture.
Elder Strech will be training Elder Ellis

Elder Johnson will be trained by Elder Etherington

Sister Stucki will be training Sister Brandley

Elder Montague will be trained by Elder Johnson

Elder Murphy will be trained by Elder Wright

Elder Deppe will be training Elder Harrison

Sister Broadhead will be trained by Sister Holiday

Sister Vittetoe will be trained by Sister Adams

Sister Vance will train Sister Gregory

Elder Peters will be trained by Elder Blake

Elder Falatea will be trained by Elder Hicks

Sister Viiga will be trained by Sister Ward

Sister Johnson will be trained by Sister Hall

Elder Mikkelson will be trained by Elder Colton

Sister Hansen will be trained by Sister Didier

Elder Borden will be trained by Elder Finlinson

Sister Hart will be trained by Sister Heiden

Elder Wirthlin will be trained by Elder Palomeque

All the new missionaries and their trainers! 

We are so excited to welcome our new missionaries!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Monday afternoon all of the departing missionaries make their way to the mission home. President Russell does the exit interviews. There are 22 going home, so these interviews can take some time.
Not to worry! We have games to play!

 A rousing game of Head Banzz.

A view from the other side of the living room.

 I joined in a game of Uno, I lost several....okay, every time.
A 'selfie' with Elder Huang and Elder Rigby.


One last shot of these fantastic missionaries! We love you! We wish you the very best. Thank you parents for sending your wonderful sons and daughters to the greatest mission on earth; the OEM!

We have a tradition here in the OEM. We take a picture with our APs and the one AP going home. We took the first picture in our car, so the tradition continues!
Elder Nash, we will miss you so much, you are one fantastic missionary and a wonderful AP! Welcome Elder Whyte and Elder Workman continues on!

 Monday morning at the 18th Street building. Missionaries waiting for the transfer van, and some just came to say good bye.

It's a cold, rainy day.

 Not sure what...or who, is in the big bag.

Elder Garrard is probably doing the 'transfer' cheer. 

 It's always fun to come and watch these wonderful missionaries before they take off for their new areas.

 Elder Rigby looks like he's admiring his shoes.

Apparently Elder Colton didn't get the memo that is's below freezing here.