To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

We welcome a new missionary to the greatest mission on earth, the OEM! 

Elder Benson Horne

He will be trained by 
Elder Falatea and they will be serving the Eugene zone. 

We know we will be seeing great things from this awesome companionship!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Last month we had a special zone conferences with Daniel L. Johnson and his sweet wife LeAnn. We also had Elder Richard Hansen, our area Seventy with us.  It took a while to get the pictures sent to us, and here they are!
 This is the southern zones; Klamath Falls, Grants Pass, Medford, Central Point, and part of Coos Bay
This is the northern zones; Corvallis, Eugene, Springfield, Santa Clara, Roseburg, and the other half of Coos Bay.


It was great to have Elder and Sister Johnson here with us! They are wonderful!
We appreciate Elder Hansen as well, we are blessed to see him more often. 

Friday, July 8, 2016

Drum roll!!! We welcome to the OEM, the greatest missionaries, to the greatest mission in the world!!!
On Wednesday, July 7th we welcomed 18 new missionaries!!

Whenever we take a picture instead of saying 'cheese' we say 'baptize', well we were almost through the work baptize. 
Left front: Elder Ho, Sister Rhoton, Sister Wilson, Sister Pfau, President and Sister Russell, Sister Harrison, Sister Sorensen, and Sister Datwyler. Back row: Elder Pierce, Elder Terry, Elder Kellerstrass, Elder Lynn, Elder Baker, Elder Stohl (is in front of Elder Baker), Elder Gittins, Elder Call, Elder Wikans, Elder  Baxter, and Elder Chiu. We love getting these incredible missionaries!!!


We drove to the mission home and our wonderful office missionaries had lunch ready for us. Because the day was fantastic, we ate on the patio.
 I walked out on the very soggy lawn to get these shots, but it was worth it! (I didn't have them say 'baptize' as it wouldn't be as much fun with a mouth full of food.)
 Check out those smiles!! They could light up a dark room.
 Not sure what Sister Sorensen is doing, but it looks cute.

 Elder Holman, one of the president's assistants, gives a thumbs-up.
 This was a great picture, but I could only see the back of Sister Pfau's head, I'm sure her mother would recognize her, but I took another picture to get a pic of the other side of her head.
 Much better, right?
After lunch we went into the mission home and they received some training from the assistants, me, and president Russell.

 President Russell interviewed each missionary before he spoke. Elder Finlinson (the president's other assistant) listens from the foyer.

After training, we had dinner and then the missionaries went out with the seasoned missionaries in the area to their appointments and had their first taste of real missionary work. Afterward they came back and all of them had a story to tell where they had taught, tracted, handed out a pass-along card or a Book of Mormon. They were extremely excited,  and very tired. We had the Sisters stay in the rooms upstairs and the two Chinese Elders stay in the lower level. The other Elders stayed with the assistants. They live in a duplex with lots of bunk beds. All the missionaries crashed, it had been a very long day.
After a great night's sleep we had breakfast and went to the church. There we had a beautiful program and then took them into the cultural hall and they were introduced to their trainers. Then we got everyone together for a picture before they were trained by the wonderful office missionaries about finances, vehicles, health, referrals, and many more things.
In addition to these new missionaries, we have a new senior couple working in the office; Elder and Sister Bullock (on the front row, right side). Elder Bullock handles finances and Sister Bullock takes care of referrals, along with several other things.
You can see the greatness of these phenomenal missionaries!!

                                               And add to that. the outstanding trainers!


                                        Now, we introduce our new                                    missionaries with their trainers!

Elder Miller will be training Elder Kellerstrauss

Elder Borden will be training Elder Baxter 

Elder Wagstaff will be training Elder Lynn

Elder Nelson will be training Elder Baker

Elder Terrell will be training Elder Wikans

Elder Kroll will be training Elder Call

Elder Lambson will be training Elder Terry

Elder Mafi will be training Elder Stohl

Elder Hsiung will be training Elder Chiu

Elder Kung will be training Elder Ho

Elder Anderson will be training Elder Pierce

Elder Garrard will be training Elder Gittins

Sister Pfau will be trained by Sister Johnson

Sister Harrison will be trained by Sister Nowell

Sister Sorensen will be trained by Sister Rasmussen

Sister Wilson will be trained by Sister Mills

Sister Rhoton will be trained by Sister Hepworth

Sister Datwyler will be trained by Sister Hokanson
After they were trained, we gave them a sack lunch and told them goodbye and be safe as they travel to their new areas!

Sister Johnson and Sister Pfau wave before they put all of those suitcases in that little trunk (and they all fit!!)
Elder Pierce and Elder Anderson wave just before they get into their car (they not only got all the suitcases into the car, but also Elder Pierce's bike!)
Sister Wilson and Sister Mills wave goodbye, have you ever seen such huge smiles??
Our Chinese Elders are going to put all of that into that truck! Elder Chiu, is getting packed into the truck as well!! It all fit (except Elder Chiu)!

Sister Rasmussen, Sister Nowell, Sister Harrison, and Sister Sorensen. Look at those parade waves, is that royalty I see there??  Yep!!
Elder Garrard and Elder Gittins are packin'...lunches!!

Elder Call and Elder Kroll are with Elder Blake and Elder Thompson, who are the zone                                            leaders in Springfield. They are giving them a ride.
                         All packed up and ready to go; Sister Datwyler and Sister Hokanson. 
                              You can already see the wonderful companionship forming.
Elder Nelson and Elder Baker stop for a picture before taking off. Check out the cute Sisters posing,                                               making the background look beautiful!

Sister Hepworth and Sister Rhoton have their hands full, talk about being ready for anything!!!

President Russell told Elder Stohl that he had nothing to worry about, Elder Mafi will be his companion/body guard.
Elder Lambson and Elder Terry are all set to find,  teach repentance and baptize converts!
Check out those smiles on Elder Wikans and Elder Terrell! Are they ready or what???
Here we have Elder Hollywood Miller with Elder Kellerstrauss; doors open and ready to make a quick get-away (well, how fast can you get away with a TIWI?)
I almost missed Elder Wagstaff and Elder Lynn, I thought I would have to chase them down the street (not a pretty sight)!
Elder and Sister Mabey. They do so much work for the mission, they make me tired!
I've gotten behind (again), so let me recap this week. It's transfer week! We went to one the transfer spot in Eugene. The missionaries were waiting for the transfer van. The Assistants have this down to a science (even with this being Elder Holman's first transfer). It's a beautiful day, about 70 degrees and everyone is happy!

Sister Ward (in the blue sweater) is saying goodbye, as this is her last full day in the Oregon Eugene Mission. Sister Phipps is standing next to her car while Sister Holiday and 
Sister Udall give us great big smiles!

 ...not quite sure what they're doing in this shot, but they are enjoying it!

Now we see these three cute ladies posing for the picture. They are so awesome!!

The departing missionaries. We so hate to say goodbye!

Front row left: Sister Ward, President and Sister Russell, and Sister Brownlee. Next row left: Elder Cho, Elder Spencer, Elder Hales, Elder Whyte (one of the president's assistants), and Elder Losee. Next row left: Elder Davis, Elder Peterson, Elder Crowell and Elder Child. Last row: Elder Hinton (another of the president's assistants), you can almost see Elder Colton, and Elder Porter. These are great missionaries of the OEM!!! We will miss them!!