To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sister Assink a member here in Eugene recently moved to West Jordan, Utah. She met the missionaries coming home in Salt Lake City!

Nick Degraffenried, Jeff Thomas and Jillian Ore
(recently returned missionaries) came
to meet them.

Sister Assink with Elder Webb and Sister Hilner
After we sent our brand new missionaries out to their apartments with their trainers, transfer week is officially over. So the president and I decided to go for a hike.

There is moss literally dripping from the trees and the mushrooms grow out and flat from this downed tree.

 What a good looking guy!

 Our very first selfie!
Of course, the hike was not without danger! There are bears and cougars in the mountains here!
(The only wildlife we saw were birds, butterflies, and a few squirrels.)
 We escaped with our lives.

Our new missionaries stay at the mission home and the next day we usually have a meeting at the church building where several missionaries come and sing a medley of "As Sister in Zion and We'll Bring the World His Truth". I always cry, it's so beautiful. 
Because we  only had two new missionaries, we decided to have the 
meeting at the mission home.
We're having breakfast.

President Russell getting a quick bite to eat
 The newest companionships
Elder Chia with his trainer Elder Barton

Elder Andersen with his trainer Elder Dyorich

Just before they left for their areas.

Our newest missionaries!!!!

Elder Benjamin Anderson

Elder Asher Chia

We  really do not like saying good-bye to our missionaries! They are all fantastic!!!!
Front row: Sister Hilner, Sister Coon, Sister and President Russell, Sister Hamilton, Sister Peterson, Sister Cockrell
Back row: Elder Madsen, Elder Sanders, Elder Unker, and Elder Webb.

Transfers again!!!
Sister Chalfant poses.
Elder Gurvine is thoughtful

How many missionaries can you fit in a trailer?
It was raining....wait, it rains in Oregon????
Elder Hales is probably telling us there are
"two" sets of Elder (?)

Sister Stucki is ready for anything with her pillow and scriptures! Sister Linsedt and Sister Crabb are probably giggling at the rain. Sister West is feeling if her hair is wet(?), and Sister Hamilton is enjoying her last day in the mission field.
It started raining harder, but Sister Poulson is braving the
weather (after all, we've heard umbrellas are for
Like any good Boy Scout, they are always

Elder Fowler and Elder Taito smile on while
 Elder Harmon says "Hi mom, yes, I'm really okay"!

Elder King stands next to a
wonderful member who will be
helping transport missionaries.
Elder Simpson has Elder Reed in a
headlock while Elder Pickett is just
happy to be here.

They kinda kook like they should break into song. 
Elder Hanssen, Elder Wong, Elder Sorensen, Elder Kung, Elder Harmon, 
Elder Blackwelder, with Elder Simpson jumping up in the back.  

We have a new senior couple for the office! Elder and Sister Dixon will be taking Elder and Sister Kleinman's place.

We were privileged to attend the baptism of Brother and Sister McHatton. Several missionaries were involved in teaching them.
 Front left: Elders Brough, Hanssen, McDowell, Workman
Back row: Elder Boyd, Nicolas Degrafferied (he had completed his mission and came back for this special event), Brother Robbins, Brother McHatton, their son Andrew, and Sister McHatton.

This is present and Sister Russell with the McHattons.

 President and Sister Russell with Sister Slater and Sister Fletcher

We were invited to Camp Alpine for dinner where Elder and Sister Tucker and Elder and Sister Tolman  take such great care of the camp. 

We had our quarterly senior couples conference!
A better picture of Elder and Sister Peace
We will be saying good-bye
to the Kleinmans. They
will be missed!
Left front: Elder and Sister Pease and
Elder and Sister Drollinger,
Right back: Elder and Sister Kleinman, and
Elder and Sister C. (Christensen)

Elder and Sister Long, Sister and Elder Deal
President Lowary

Sister Russell, Sister and Elder Ellington, Our New Office Couple:
Elder and Sister Christensen (they took the place of the Fluckigers).

President Lowary, Sister and Elder
Dixon, Sister Lowary, Elder and Sister Long.

                                            Saturday morning we had our conference.

Each couple had an assignment from the "Remember This" at the back of Preach My Gospel

 Our AWESOME senior couples!