To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

 Monday evening President Russell and I returned to the mission home to find this on our front door.

 Usually when you find hearts on your door it's call a heart attack, there were hearts but there were even more in "Be ye fishers of men". 
So...I guess we were fish attacked!

 In addition to the cute door post-its and hearts, they made us cupcakes with blue frosting and Swedish fish on top!
It didn't take us long to figure out who the culprits were. It was 
Sister Cathro, Sister Poulson, Sister Dunn, and Sister Olson.
They are great!!!

Tuesday was another zone conference, this was Springfield, Santa Clara, and Corvallis zones.

 President Russell had the object lesson again with ice cream. Those who volunteered were told to taste the ice cream first to see of it was good (as in pure). Then president Russell donned rubber gloves and put the dirt (and who knows what else) in each bowl and asked them to stir it in. The lesson: the gospel was pure when Christ was on the Earth, but other Churches mixed the doctrine of men and it wasn't pure anymore.

He asked them if they wanted to eat the ice cream after that.

 Elder Blair and Elder Sharp were pretty hungry, but not THAT hungry!
 After that was lunch!

 Seated at this table are the four Sisters that decorated our front door, and also President Lowary.

 Our birthdays for January, February, and March!!




After we finished zone conference we distributed the new iPads and it took a while to get the new ones set up because we had three zones all trying to use the WiFi in the building