To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Yesterday we had our MLC. Usually we have the zone leaders and the Sister training leaders only. However, about 3 times a year we invite the district leaders. This was one of them. The only time  I can really take pictures (without being a disruption) is during lunch. 

 Our Elders are such gentlemen, they always allow the Sisters to go first in line.

 Deep conversations ensue. 

Elder Black (left) and Elder Garrard are up front now. The sweet Sisters from the office made an amazing salad and potato bar. It was delicious!

Sister Wilson (left) and Sister Asregadoo are at the potato bar.

Eternal friendships are made here in the mission. This gives missionaries a chance to talk to former companions.

The camaraderie is such a wonderful thing to watch. 

 Left: Sister Sidhu, Sister Nowell, and Sister Hepworth and Sister Woolf and Sister Jones (peeking her head around) on the right.

Sister Broadhead and Sister Steele were about to sit down to eat and I came along. They decided to pose. They are so cute!!

Sister Rasmussen apparently avoided me at the last MLC, so on the left: Sister Rasmussen, you look great!!! Next to her is Sister Sowter. On the right we have Sister Rhees and....Sister Asregadoo again! She gets around! Beautiful Sisters!

Sister Doxey now joins Sisters Broadhead and Steele.

Elder Wardle and Elder West are lovin' lunch!

More beauty: Left: Sister Vance, Sister Johnson. On the right: Sister Alldredge, Sister Wood, Sister Wilson, and Sister Figueroa.

The selfie with Elder Black!

Elder Falatea is conversing with Elder Harrison while Elder Garrard continues to enjoy his meal.

 Check out Elder Black, Elder Finlinson, and Elder Deepe. Lots of expressions going on there!

Elder Adams enjoys giving me a hard time about everything. When I shake the hands of the Elders and Sisters I always ask 'How are you?" I don't take a "find" or a "good". I want "fantastic, wonderful, phenomenal," etc. But Elder Adams always says, "Awful", "Terrifble", etc. I'm working on him!! He's there with Elder Thurgood, who answers my 'How are you?" With, "I'm Thurgreat!!"

A better picture of Elder Holman and Elder Martin.

While waiting patiently for lunch, these Elders paused for a photo op. Left: Elders Lambson, Redding, Bowers, Gage, Hatch, and Elder Wagstaff.

 In the back these Elder are joined by Elder Adams, Elder Dopp, and Elder Wright (but he doesn't know it).

Elder Miller has just asked Sister Mabey a question.  Must be a serious answer.

 Elder Fowers looks a little surprised. You can almost see Elder Hill behind him. Elder Thibault is smiling because he gets to use a cane instead of crutches. Elder Knell has his water glass in his mouth and is pretty intense about his potato, Elder Parker always has a smile. On the left we have Elder Watson and Elder Miller.

Elder Knell held up his water glass this time. 

And the water glass gets higher and higher.

In the back you can see President Cropper and President Lowary talking, with Elder Mabey just chillin'.

 Standing, Sister Dobbs and Sister Santa Marie join these Sisters.

Elder Briceno joins Elder Murphy. You can see president Russell talking with Elder Wardle behind them.

Elders Harrison, Garrard, Wirthlin, and Eckman, take a moment to smile for the camera (well, the phone).

Elder Stohl, Elder Simms, and Elder Mafi have huge smiles!

Don't the smiles on Elders Thibault,  Knell and Hill's faces seem like they have a plan?? Scary!!

Elder Davis is the first of his group to sit down. 

Way in the back you can see Sister Alldredge waving.

The leadership of the Oregon Eugene Mission
All of our missionaries are incredible! We love being with them!!