To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

 Today we went to the Portland Temple with these wonderful missionaries who are going home in less than two weeks. We have the absolute best missionaries on the OEM!

Zone conference in Eugene/Roseburg:
 Again, we have the object lesson on "how much can an investigator take in one lesson?"
Elder Ellsworth (playing Mrs. Jones) is a bit worried about the missionaries, but mostly about his husband, Mr. Jones (Elder O'Neal) who keeps asking more questions.

 All of the missionaries seemed to be having much more fun than Elder Ellsworth (Mrs. Jones)

Sister Chalfant is SO excited to 'share' the gospel with "Mrs. Jones"!
Sister Wood is merciless! "You need all 5 lessons tonight, Mrs. Jones!"

 The Springfield and Santa Clara Zones, calm and composed.

 Springfield and Santa Clara Zones get crazy!

 The Santa Clara Zone, just like they're in Church.

Santa Clara Zone at the zoo???? 

 Notice the calmness of the Springfield Zone, but wait for it....

 Wowzers! Can they get carried away!

 Of all the object lessons we had with every zone, this one was the most difficult. "Mr. Jones" (Elder Terrell) apparently really wanted to give his "wife" Mrs. Jones (Elder Hansen) an easy time. Not only that, but the 'missionaries' Sister Phillips and Sister Arnoldsen were none too excited to teach too much. We could still be here today 'teaching' and not fill up the cup. Way to go Sisters!

 We are ready to sing the "Thank You Song" to the wonderful Relief Society sisters that prepared lunch for us!

 The Corvallis Zone, smiling, acting like well-behaved missionaries, and then...

 Holy Cats! They are out of control!