To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Sunday, November 2, 2014

 President and Sister Russell went to San Diego for a Mission President and Wife seminar. Before we started the seminar we went to the San Diego Temple. It was a beautiful day. 

We are with President and Sister Mullen from the California Riverside Mission, and President and Sister Taylor of the Washington Vancouver Mission.

Our hotel was right on the beach and it was apparently a good day for surfing.

We are with President and Sister Burt of the Canada Vancouver Mission. We have made life-long, even eternal friends.

Many of us went to visit the Mormon Battalion site and we were privileged
 to  be with 
Elder and Sister Christofferson

 We were blessed to be with so many other wonderful Mission presidents and wives, we are with the President and Sister Felix from the California Ventura Mission.

 And also with President and Sister Robinson from the Anchorage Alaska Mission.
 Before we headed to the airport we stopped once again at the San Diego Temple. This time we met the Temple President and his wife.

MLC (Mission Leadership Training) was held in Roseburg in October. This is the leadership of the Oregon Eugene Mission.

Sister Mackley looks on as Sister Arnoldson takes copious notes. Elder Brewer and Sister Dunn are riveted on what President Russell is saying.

All of these leaders are intently listening to what is being said because they will go back and teach the missionaries in their zones. 
Has anyone ever seen Elder Fakahua or Sister Healy without a smile on their face???? 

Elder Mecham, Elder Keller, and Elder O'Neal are all  studying something important. Sister Peterson is engaging in conversation with her companion; Sister Healy.

Elder Walton and Elder Bradley are teaching each other and being taught as well.

 Sometimes we girls just have to stick together! See all the Sister Training Leaders, now there is a power house!

These are our friends, the Mabey's. Elder and Sister Mabey just completed a
 2-year mission in Vancouver, Canada.  They were kind enough 
to come and spend some time at the mission home.
Elder Mabey is also a Stake Patriarch and will be resuming his 
responsibilities when they get back to their home. 
We are so grateful for their friendship.