To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

It's time for zone conferences again! 
Yesterday we were in Eugene with the Eugene, Santa Clara, and Springfield zones.

One of the best things we do at zone conference is role plays. President Russell divided them up, half were 'investigators' and the other half were 'missionaries'. The investigators were told to hold off saying "Yes" right away. This meant that the missionary side had to work harder and use some of the techniques they had been taught. Sister Huang paused long enough to say 'two'.

You can see that Elder Flake is quite involved with Elder Poston. 

Sister Orr is doing what the Sisters do best: be charming and happy.

Elder Eckman is all business while president Russell listens behind him. 


Starting with these beautiful Sisters whose countenance is as bright as the tablecloth;on the left: Sister Udall, Sister Nowell, Sister Vittitoe, Sister Hart with her plastic-wear in the middle and Sister Rhees drinking to the right. Sister Huang again with the number '2', Sister Chen and the front is Sister Peterson.

Front left is Sister McDonald, Sister Orr, Sister Francis and after the empty chair is Elder Merrill, Elder Mazyck is giving us the 'thumbs up', Elder Eckman is showing us his lunch, and Elder Johnson is just happy to be here.

 Elder Moser is giving us the 'hitchhiker' sign, Elder Bowers just smiles, Elder Lynn looks solemn, but he's a happy missionary! Elder McClure is also always fun to be around, Elder Montague is easy going, and Elder Lance is in between bites. 

Elder Kroll was just about to turn around and I took the picture, Elder Spendlove, Elder Anderson, Elder Anderl, Elder Wall, Elder Dopp, Elder Flake, and Elder Deppe. 

 Elder Parker and Elder Searcy picked the seats with the pretty Sisters! Sister Stimpson, Sister Tofilau, Sister Alldredge, and Sister Lunt.

Here is a happy bunch! Elder Snyder, Elder Adams, Elder McCleary, Elder Hansen, and in the back, Elder Christensen, not quite sure the  message that Elder Blair is giving us, maybe this is his second can of soda? Elder Fowers who is eternally happy, Elder Hill, and Elder Poston.

 President Cropper and President Lowary enjoy a little down time as well.

Sister Merrill is having a talk with president Russell.

Then, Sister Lunt grabbed the phone and we all just lined up (we do that a lot) for a picture. Sister Merrill, president and Sister Russell, president Lowary, and president Cropper.

President Lowary taught a powerful lesson on how obedience, or the lack of obedience, effects every companionship, every district, and every zone. He had the Elders and Sisters line up and hold out their index fingers. He set a flexible stick on the fingers and told them to hold the stick at waist height. It wasn't long before the stick was gradually raising higher and higher. This signifies that when one person raised their fingers, even slightly, it affected the entire line.

Birthdays in the month of April

 President and Sister Russell (it's not our birthdays), Elder McCleary, Elder Lance, Elder Danley (who is helping Elder Mabey with the car inspections), Elder Bowers, Elder Christensen, and we missed Elder Spendlove's last month because he wasn't here yet.

In the Oregon Eugene mission we are all lifters, not leaners!