To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Thursday, April 20, 2017

We welcome two new wonderful Sisters to the OEM!
Sister Maddock and Sister Lee in front of the mission home

The normal procedure is that we bring the new missionaries to the mission home and feed them, teach them and feed them again. We take them to the stake center where they go with some seasoned missionaries to 
their appointments. 

We decided to invite the trainers to the mission home when these new Sisters arrived. They received the same instruction they had received when they first came in.
After training and dinner Sister Maddock and Sister Lee went out with two sets of Sisters to their appointments and the trainers were trained here by 
president Lowary.
After they returned we ask these new Sisters to tell us about their experiences. 
We finished about 9:30 and we could tell these Sisters were tired, so all four went to bed.


Today we went to the stake center again for the special program the missionaries that live around here do. It's an incredible song that always makes me cry because they sound like a heavenly angelic choir. 

The Sisters met and were trained by the office seniors couples:
Elder Bullock trained on finances
Sister Bullock trained on referrals, explained how to mail letters and packages, and how to order supplies
Sister Danley talked about taking care of their health; getting exercise, drinking lots of water, washing and sanitizing hands, and what to do when they are sick.
Elder Danley talked about keeping their apartments clean and what to do if they need repairs done.
Sister Mabey talked about emergency preparedness and how to fill out a baptismal record correctly
Elder Mabey talks about cell phones, cars, safety, and the wonderful TIWI

Sister Maddock is being trained by Sister Rhoton and they will be serving in 
Coos Bay

 Sister Lee will be trained by Sister Gregory and they will be serving in 
 Our newest missionaries and their trainers!

 And they are on their way!

They are all so happy to be on their way!