To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Monday, April 17, 2017

Transfer time again! Yes, it has only been five weeks, however, we had to change the date because of the mission president's seminar. we are at the transfer spot at 
18th Street in Eugene.

A cloudy day here in Eugene (not a surprise), but with all these wonderful missionaries here it seems like we have sunshine!
Left: Sister Peterson, Sister Mills, Sister Payne, Sister Wood, and Sister Santiago.

 These Sisters were all talking and laughing together. They love each other so much!
Left: Sister Nowell, Sister Stimpson, Sister Tofilau, Sister Clarke, Sister Gregory, and behind them is Sister Francis.

Sister Francis (she gets around!), Sister Udall, Sister Vittetoe, Sister Lunt, and Sister Alldredge (who will be leaving tomorrow­čÖü).

 Elder Hansen and Elder Baker (left) are having a conversation with Elder Lewis (on the right), Elder Peters is going home today, and Elder Dopp (wearing a jacket) smiles huge because he didn't have to work on transfers today.

It kind of looks like Elder Poston is lead singer and the backup singers are behind him: Elder Bowers, Elder Blair, Elder Kroll, Elder Wall, Elder Hill (still smiling after working on the transfers all weekend), and Elder Deppe. They really could just break out in song!

These missionaries are hovering by the door, which is a good idea because it's raining. Elder Lynn (wearing the baseball cap), Elder Hatfield, Elder McCleary, Elder Flake, Elder Burgi, and Elder Parker (behind).

Elder Huang counts to two and Elder Ho smiles!

We lost a few at the door and gained two: Elder Eckman and Elder Wikan.

And over packing up the car: Elder Egan, Elder Anderson, and Elder Moser. Elder Moser asked if I knew how to attach a bike rack to the car, I had to tell him I not only do not know how to attach the bike rack to the car, I don't know how to attach a bike to the bike rack. Perhaps I should be trained on that.

Elder Mabey is always smiling while waiting for the missionaries to board the van. And Elder Moser walks by.

Our newest AP ( and he's still smiling) is looking busily at the chart which tells which missionaries are on which van. It's a complicated process that I don't understand either. So much I don't know!

Sadness for Sister Clarke as she is leaving Sister Gregory. Sister Gregory will be training a new missionary.

I was talking with some missionaries when they all turned to see president Russell riding a bike around the parking lot! He looks like a natural!