To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

We had one of the best MLCs ever! This time all of the district leaders were invited with the zone leaders and STLs.

We had several amazing presentations. And a lot of participation from these wonderful missionaries. 

And the leaders of the mission took extremely good notes so they can take all of this back to their Zone Training Meeting on Friday.

 President Russell sat in the back at times to see what the power points were.

And then we had lunch!!!

The office senior Sisters made an incredible lunch for us! Elder Cronin, Elder Opper, and Elder Zillis are enjoying every bite.

What a happy bunch here! Sister Hepworth, Sister Mills and Sister Peck are always so cute.

Elder Call is ready for lunch and ultra prepared in case he spills on his shirt, he can cover it with a clean tie!! Next to him is Elder Bunker, Elder Peters, and Elder Deppe. On the right side is Elder Wright and Elder Knell.

 I chased Elder Christensen, Elder Palomeque, and Elder Broadhead to the table.

Ya know, I look at these Elders and wonder what's on their mind???? Elder  Cougar Larsen looks a little suspicious, Elder Weldon has probably done something he doesn't want me to know about, Elder Gage is right in the middle of something and Elder Holman tries to keep them in line.

 Elder Pierce is sort of smiling (that intense Marine smile), Elder Terry behind him is just happy to be here, Elder Murphy looks like he's developing a plan(?), Elder McCleary is relaxed, and Elder Baker approves of the great lunch. Elder Stohl and Elder Kroll smile their coy smiles. On the right Elder Kaden Johnson and Elder Gavin Johnson pause long enough to look up for a photo-op.

 Elder Searcy was just about to smile huge and I took the picture too soon, Elder James Larsen probably just learned that Sister Merrill is on her way with the dessert tray and Elder Green is pretty excited as well but he contains his excitement.

Elder Poston and Elder Anderson with Elder Bushman have taken care of the immediate threat of starving to death and all is well.

And 'Here comes the sun'!!! It doesn't matter what the weather is outside, Sister Stimpson on the left with Sister Roach (front right), Sister Hansen, and Sister Jones can light up a room brighter than the sun with their beautiful faces.

Elder Gittins is um, hitch hiking(?) and Elder Hatfield is going along for the that Sister Jones hitch hiking on the right???

 So, I'm guessing I interrupted the Hawaiian ritual dance here with Elder Knell and Elder Borden (Elder Knell needs a little more practice). 

Elder Christensen got back to his seat in time for me to get his picture again. Elder Baker is just taking his last bite of dessert with Elder Willits giving him support so he doesn't fall off the chair, and Elder Wikan (on the right) has one of the best smiles here.

Does Elder Merrill know who to hang out with, or what? Four beautiful roses; Sister Peterson, Sister Peck, Sister Payne, and Sister Tofilau  with a...tulip?

And at the front table is President Russell just about to sit down for a nano-second, Elder Dopp to the right, President Cropper, and President Lowary.

Elder Hill is posing and it looks like Elder Larsen is thinking of tripping him?? Nah, he wouldn't do that.

Before the MLC started all of the leadership went out to different areas here in Eugene and talked to everyone for about an hour. President Lowary's presentation is about talking to everyone. He started by inviting some of the companionships up to tell about their experiences. After two or three he sent the next group out the door of the gym while he had a very real role play.

 He dumped dirt and leaves on the floor and had a rake he was using to pretend to clean up his yard (of course, being health conscience, he wore a hat just in case the sun was shining). 

They approached him and ask questions about his knowledge of Jesus Christ. They offered to pick up leaves for him and put them back into the bag.

Next missionaries went out into the hall.

Sister Harrison and Sister Roach came upon a 'man walking back from the gym'. He had been playing racquetball. After introducing themselves they talked.

 One of the suggestions from the other missionaries was to ask to see his racquet, there is no way he would leave them without it!  

The final role play was awesome as well!

 He went behind the partition and put on a wig and had a baby and some grocery bags. After he called the Elders back in he walked by them (very much like a lady) and also talked like a lady. 

The Elders offered to carry 'her' bags and had a good conversation with 'her'. It was a wonderful role play.

The Mission Leadership of the Oregon Eugene Mission