To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Introducing five new fantastic missionaries to the Oregon Eugene Mission!!!
They had already had a long day. Their flight from Salt Lake was delayed for two hours (to get a new plane), but their arrived happy 
and, I think a little relieved. 
They were welcomed by the Oregon rain, but they also saw the beauty here.

 Behind us to the left is Sister McDonald, Sister Cockrell, Sister Clark, 
Elder Spendlove and Elder Alexander.
After some training and a wonderful dinner the missionaries went out with seasoned missionaries to their appointments.
When they returned we had them report on their evening. It was exciting to hear them and watch the expressions on their faces! 
All of them stayed at the mission home, Sisters on the upper level and the Elders on the lower level.

 After a continental breakfast President Russell trained  a little more before we headed to the church.
The missionaries in the area (about 60) come and sing a very special song to them. We have a short program where the trainers all have a part; they each take a minute to recite the Missionary Purpose, The First Vision, The Standard of Truth, and Doctrine and Covenants section four. I then take a minute and all the missionaries on the stand are excused except the trainers and they go and sit behind the new missionaries for a few minutes while the President shows some videos and talks for a few minutes.
Then comes the best time! We go into another room and these great new missionaries are introduced to their trainers and told where they will be serving.
 The new missionaries are filling out the postcard that will go to the parents.
After some training by the senior office missionaries we take their picture with their new companion!

Sister Zanotti will be training Sister Clark and they will be serving in Eagle Point in the Central Point zone.

Elder Mazyck will be training Spendlove and they will be serving in Santa Clara.

Sister Orr will be training Sister McDonald and they will be serving in Cottage Grove, near Eugene.

Sister Brown will be training Sister Cockrell and they will be serving in Coos Bay

Elder Alexander will be trained by Elder Larsen and they will be serving in Coos Bay
 Elder Spendlove, Sister McDonald, Sister Clark, Sister Cockrell, and Elder Alexander.
Missionaries learn right off that they are to be careful with their association with the Sisters. These two Elder are doing an amazing job of staying away from the Sisters!

 The newest missionaries with their trainers! Watch out Oregon, here they come!!!!!
They are on their way!!!