To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Today we had three zones at zone conference in Central Point. Besides Central Point, we had Medford, and Klamath Falls zones

We had an awesome lunch. Here we have (left) Elder Kellerstrauss, Elder Levi Johnson, Elder Anderson, Elder Ybanez, Elder Davis, and Elder Mafi.

Our cute Sisters (left) Sister Pfau, Sister Allen, Sisters Vittetoe, and Lunt, Sister Viiga, Sister Harrison, Sister Gregory, and Sister McClellan. 

I took this picture fast and these Elder didn't have time to make their favorite hand signs. (left) Elder Bunker couldn't decide whether to look at me or his lunch, I lost. Elder Thibault, Elder Hill (standing) Elder Wright, Elder Burgi, Elder Borden, and Elder Dopp.

Again, the beautiful Sisters: (left) Sister Zanotti, Sister Minor, Sister Hansen, Sister Figueroa, Sister 
Van Leuven, and Sister Mann.

Elder Wheldon, Elder Thompson, Elder Martin (I may have surprised him), Elder Green, Elder Mabey, and Elder Simms.

I just said, "Hey, Elders!" and I shot this picture: Elder Hafen, Elder Mata, Elder Spurlock (didn't look up in time), Elder Morris, Elder Carter, and Elder Willitts have just enough time to smile. Behind them President Russell talks with Elder Lambson.

What is the best table to sit at? The one where President Russell will  be doing the "OYM" awards and "Shining Moments". Here are all the packages of Chips Ahoy! Check out these smiles: Sister Hammond, Sister Santa Maria, Elder Gavin Johnson, and Elder Clark.

I gave these Elders waaaay too much time. Elder Peterson, Elder Wall, Elder Ross, Elder Jensen all give their favorite hand signs. Elder Pace is content to smile.

 Happy birthday to Sister Santa Maria, Elders Madsen, Anderson, Johnson, Pace, and Willitts all get a new toothbrush!

It's time for the 'quick door approach' practice. President Russell shows us how with Elder Pace.

Now they all get to try. It was awesome! Those with their hands raised were the fastest.

We always try to have a musical number at our zone conferences. Today Elder Lambson played an absolutely beautiful medley. 

The Medford zone

 The Central Point zone

 The Klamath Falls zone