To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Our zone conference was in Corvallis today and we had both the Corvallis and Eugene zones.

President Russell presented a scenario with a family investigating the Church, each companionship had to come up with ways to help them with ward members.

After that, president Russell called a few district leaders up and asked them to role play part of the interview with an investigator getting ready for baptism. Elder Gittins is doing great with Elder Murphy and Elder Ho waits in the back with Elder Hatfield.

Here, Elder Hatfield and Elder Ho do the same interview, they're all very good.

Right before we broke for lunch president Russell had all of the missionaries line up with their companions for a quick role play. Often missionaries will knock on a door and only have maybe ten seconds to give them a message or explain who they are and why they are here before the door closes. Here, president had them practice that short, to the point message.

When they finished they were to raise their hands. Some were lightening fast!!!

Then we were served a wonderful lunch by the Corvallis stake Relief Society. 

I try to get them in natural poses before they can give me the hand signals or funny faces. I was able to get Elder Cronin, Elder Hill, Elder Mabey, President Lowary, and Elder Etherington just enjoying each other's company.

 The Sisters always just smile. Sister Santiago, Sister Duenas, Sister Simmons, Sister Persson, and Sister Tofilau.

Here in the front is Sister Payne and to her left is Sister Vance, Sister Herbst, Sister Clarke, Sister Cortez, Elder Merrill and Sister Merrill.

Ha! I caught them early! Elder Ellinghaus, Elder Merkley, Elder Egan, Elder Harrison, Elder Wangsgard, Elder Murphy, and Elder Wikan. 

Sister Peterson, Sister Udall, Sister Huang, Sister Chen, Elder Ho, and Elder Huang (no relation). I think the two finger sign means "The Oregon Eugene Mission is the best ever"!!

Sister Francis is always smiling, probably because she and her companion, Sister Broadhead have two baptisms this weekend! Then there is Sister Peck and her companion Sister Orr who are happy because they will soon have someone on date!

Elder Fowers is holding up his fully loaded baked potato while talking with Elder Zilles. You can see Elder Opper also creating the perfect #1 potato from Idaho!

Check out the concentration here! Elder Murphy, Elder Poston on the left and Elder Henley (on the right) are creating masterpieces.

 Okay, so this is where I had to run an errand and someone else took over the camera. Hence, the backs of heads for Sister Cortez, and to her right is Sister Clarke, Sister Herbst has beautiful hair (and a beautiful face if we could see it). Sister Vance, and to her right Sister Payne. You can still see the Merrills...sort of.

Again, just great smiles (this has to be a first!) Elder Eckman, Elder Lynn, Elder Bowers, Elder Zilles, Elder Hatfield, Elder Christianson, and Elder Blair

Happy birthday to our March birthdays!! Sister Merrill. Sister Cortez, and Sister Simmons

We have the zone leaders collect "shining moments" from Elders and Sister highlighting something special their companions did. Here, Sister Herbst is getting cookies because Sister Cortez said some very sweet things about her.
 Elder in the Eugene zone sang a wonderful rendition of 
"I Need Thee Every Hour".

 The Corvallis zone

The Eugene zone