To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

It doesn't seem like seven weeks have gone by. Transfer are upon us again. We went to the Church building in Eugene where the transfer vans will pick up all missionaries being transferred to different parts of the mission.

Sister Rasmussen and Sister Nowell have the cutest smiles.

Sister Udall trained Sister Schroeder. They are, and will always be best friends. I caught hug number 24 I think. They cannot physically smile any bigger! 

Sister Stimpson and Sister Broadhead pose for me. Both awesome missionaries.

Sister Tofilau and Sister Hernaez have a special connection, they are both being transferred. One is going north and the other south.

Sisters Peck, Simmons, Leavitt, Peterson, and Sister Rhoton stand next to Sister Adamson who drove two hours from Coos Bay, to be here by 7:45a.m. to take some of these Sisters back with her. Next to Sister Adamson is Sister Stimpson. We are so grateful to the awesome members we have here in the OEM.

Sister Tofilau, Sister Hernaez, Sister Viiga, and Sister Chen have their arms around each other because they like each other, and more importantly because it's so cold!!

Sister Johnson has such a beautiful countenance! She is always willing to help her fellow Sisters with anything.

 The Elders don't group together like the Sisters, unless I ask them to. And for some reason when I asked to stop for me to take a picture, they must make their favorite signs with their hands. I think I caught Elder Ybanez mid-sign.

Case in point. These Elders were just talking when I walked up to take a picture. Suddenly they are animated! They come alive!!

 Elder Holman, who was the president's assistant until today is heading to the celestial part of the mission, Coos Bay, to be a zone leader there. It's a tough job to be there around the ocean constantly where the temperature is always between 50 and 70 degrees year-round.

 Elder Huntsman is signing travel journals, as this is his last full day in the mission field.

This scene is different than most. Missionaries should have two regular suitcases and I small one. Their bedding, and if it's an Elder, his bike. This looks like moving day.

 Sister Leavitt, Sister Morgan, and I have a group shot.

Elder Huang and Elder Thurgood just arrived at the transfer spot. It's okay though, because we always have to rent two vans for transfers and sometimes it takes a while to get them here.

Elder Mabey and president Russell pauses long enough for me to get a picture of them. 
These are two great men.


I must have caught Elder Morris off guard, he didn't have time to make a hand sign.                                                        

Elder Deppe, Elder Wirthlin, and Elder Peters grin big. Elder Peters just got back to the OEM!

 It doesn't matter who Sister Udall is standing next to, they always smile! The great thing is, the same thing happens with Sister Nowell!

We do have the best missionaries in the world! And they are all happy to be here!

 Sister Jones is standing next to Sister Stimpson, they will be new companions!

Elder Thompson and Elder Fowers pose for me...

 ...then they say, "We look like we're not friends!", so they changed their pose. No doubt now.

This is a familiar sight to see; president Russell on the phone.

Later, at the mission home, the missionaries had a little time before dinner. So, they played Head Banz. Elder Huntsman is very good at it. Elder Hill kept throwing out clues that generally didn't have anything to do with the answer. I was probably the worst one there. I blame Elder Hill (just kidding).

After dinner and a great testimony meeting, we had our final picture together. (I really don't like the 'final' part.) 
Everyone of these missionaries can go home with the peaceful feeling that they
did all they had come here to do.
Elder Huntsman, President and Sister Russell, Sister Sidhu, Sister Doxey, and Sister Rasmussen.
We love you all and wish you the best!!!