To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Our March MLC was wonderful!!!
 (Our wonderful Sister Senior missionaries in the office feed us so well!) 

 Sister Figueroa and Sister Morgan are so cute! Sister Figueroa will be leaving next Tuesday to go home. We will miss her!!

Elder Baker, Elder Finlinson on the left, and Elder Holman on the right. Just smiles, that's all! I love it!

More beautiful Sisters: Sister Nowell and Sister Harrison.

Elder Hatch and Elder Hoskins, on the left. Front right: Elder Lambson, Elder Fowers (not quite sure what he's trying to express), and Elder Poston.

All of our Sisters are amazing!! Sister Johnson, Sister Hart, (right front) Sister Jones, and Sister Stimpson, who is deep in thought.

These fine Elders are: (front left) Elder Opper, Elder Knell, (front right) Elder Bordon, Elder Thibault with Sister Jones giving the thumbs-up behind them.

Elder Bunker has got to be loving this (or extremely uncomfortable) being by all Sisters! Next to him is Sister Mills, Sister Hepworth. Right front: Sister Payne and Sister Vance.

Now, for the other side of the table: Elder Willitts, Elder Miller, and again Sister Hepworth and Sister Mills, we really can't have too many pictures with them!

Sister Viiga and Sister Hansen with Sister Mills across the table. (In the background is Elder Danley making sure everyone is hydrated.)

Aren't these the most beautiful smiles?! Sister Leavitt, Sister Gregory, Sister Alldredge, Sister Udall, and Sister Peterson.

 Such happiness over a chicken salad sandwich! Elder Hill and Elder Cronin!

Elder Gage is either smiling as big as he can without actually showing teeth, or he's about to blow up. Elder Deppe, and Elder Kroll are there just in case he does (although I'm not sure if Elder Kroll is crazy about the idea of Elder Gage blowing up).

 It's difficult to find president Russell sitting and relaxing (don't worry, it didn't last).

At the other end of the table is Elder Dopp, President Cropper and President Lowary.

 And finally; our fantastic Senior Sisters who put this all together and it went off without a hitch! 
Sister Mabey, Sister Danley, Sister Merrill, and Sister Bullock. (They are all amazing at cooking as well!)

Our newest Senior couple; the Merrills come to help with MLC. We are so thrilled to have all of them in the OEM!
 The Mission Leadership Council