To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Today we are in Grants Pass with this zone and also the Roseburg zone.

We had an awesome lunch! Here we have Elder Pierce (left), Elder Falatea, Elder Stohl, Elder Dopp, and Elder Bushman. Almost had it fast enough to miss the signs, not quite though.

 Again, Elder Luke got in his 'two cents', Elder Lewis, Elder Bowers, Elder Atkinson, Elder Halam (he's always ready with a pose), and Elder Cook.

I tried to get Elder Smith, but he didn't want his picture taken.

 Left (again) Elder Terry, Elder Baxter, Elder Smith (still hiding) Elder Hill (standing) Elder Knell (quite the pose), Elder Palomeque (standing), Elder Anderson, Sister Johnson, Sister Hart, and Elder Mabey (he comes to all the zone conferences to talk about cars, he's great!). 

Front: Elder Chiu, (left) Elder Rawlins, Elder Hoskins, Elder Snyder, Elder Palomeque (he gets around), Elder Hill (good thing I got the other picture of him with his eyes open), and Elder Montague.

Left: Sister Shroeder, Sister Roach, Sister Fjerstad, Sister Datwyler, Sister Leavitt, Sister Alldredge, Sister and Elder Peterson.
Happy birthday to Elder Terry and Elder Falatea!!

I give my phone to the Assistants and it's suddenly "Selfie Time"!

We did the same role play with these zones and they did great!

 Look how fast they were!!!! Those with their hands raised were the first with the 'door approach'.

We had some of the Elders and Sisters from the Grants Pass zone sing "Come Thou Font of Every Blessing", it was beautiful!!
Left: Elder Snyder, Elder Chiu, Elder Falatea, Elder Hatch, Sister Roach, Sister Shroeder, Sister Alldredge, and Sister Leavitt.

The Roseburg zone

The Grants Pass zone