To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Monday, March 13, 2017

It's transfer time again! 
(Doesn't it seem like last transfers were yesterday??)

Elder Ellis is just leaving his car and I turned around, here comes the smile and the thumbs-up (I'm pretty sure it's a reflex with some of the Elders).

Elder Wheldon is always smiling! And Elder Norris can't help but smile while standing by him, no, Elder Norris is constantly happy as well.

It's a little chilly out here so Elder Mazyck, Elder Eckman, and Elder Gneiting group together for warmth (well maybe they just got together and I'm the only one that is cold).

Don't Sister Francis and Sister Tofilau  have the cutest smiles! They are so fun to be around.

I simply said their names and they turn and Sister Vance puts her arm around Sister Cortez 

Okay, so I think it's cold out here, but I'm beginning to think I'm a minority. Sister Morgan, Sister Broadhead and Sister Nowell are enjoying the 'almost' sunshine. 

While waiting for the transfer van I am able to get some more great pictures! Sister Herbst, Sister Peck, and Sister Orr. 

I caught these Elders by surprise, you know this because there are no hand signals, also the surprised look on Elder Henley's face (far right). Elder Zilles and Elder Merkley always have an easy smile.

So, this is my favorite picture. These Elders are just sitting in the van staring straight ahead, calm, composed, relaxed. Then, all of the sudden they see me! Whoa!!! Elder Murphy, Elder Thurgood, Elder Fowers and Elder Etherington, in the front seat, become animated! They came alive!!! It was a little scary at first. A camera does more than a large dose of caffeine or even an electric shock! 

Elder Wirthlin is one of our Spanish Elders, hence, the Sombrero. Coincidentally Sister Duenas (one of our Spanish Sisters) is right behind him. Sister Stimpson to her left is not Spanish though.    

Elder Larsen and Elder Steinberg give me big grins. 

Elder Bowers stands alone. This is the first time I've seen Elder Bowers without at least five other Elders around him! 

Sister Vance and Sister Cortez join Sister Aguilar and Sister Rhees in front of the Church doors.

Elder Mabey takes a deep sigh as he climbs into the van with at least  ten Elders and Sisters. It will be a long day of transfers for  him, but he's a trooper!

Group shot!!! Sister Stimpson, Sister Duenas, Sister Jones next to Elder Moser, Elder Christianson, and I gave Elder Barclay too much time to make his hand sign.

Elder Briceno is just happy to be here.

Maybe I've got this all wrong. Maybe they are so used to using their thumbs with technology that it's automatic! Elder Burgi, Elder McCleary (who seems to be comfortable) and Elder Ellis.

It's selfie time!!!! Sister Orr and Sister Tofilau. 

Okay, so I get in on the action.