To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Day four of zone conferences. 
Today we're in Corvallis with that zone and the 
Santa Clara zone.
We began the same way we have the other days with president Russell making opening comments and then I speak. President Lowary did his 'bull ride' presentation that never gets old, and the Sister Training Leaders each took ten minutes.

Sister Stimpson and Sister Tofilau gave an impressive lesson on Daily and weekly planning.

Sister Datwyler and Sister Mills talked about Companionship study and planning. They were both well prepared and gave wonderful presentations.

We then had an awesome lunch!

 President Russell, Elder Mabey, and I sat at a table with four amazing Sisters: Sister Lee, Sister Gregory, on the other side of Elder Mabey is Sister Duenas and Sister Pfau.

 Moving on we have Elder Harrison, Elder Pace, and Elder Christianson. In the back is president Cropper, then Elder Hill and Elder Cronin (the president's assistants), and president Lowary.

 It's so fun to walk up to a table where the Elders are just eating when they spot me taking a picture and they get a little crazy. Elder Burgi, Elder Cluff, Elder Pace, Elder Clark, Elder Luke, Elder Moser, Elder Opper, Elder Bunker, and Elder Madsen. I love it!

 Back to lovely Sisters! Sister Chen, Sister Huang, Sister Datwyler, Sister Mills, Sister Tofilau, and Sister Stimpson.

Elder Briceno is serious about his lunch! Elder Christensen, Elder Spendlove smile, and Elder Mazyck is taking hydration to a whole new level! Elder Spurlock is trying to avoid having his taken, but I got him anyway, Elder Wall, and Elder Jensen  are also cheerful! 

 Elder Finlinson is always happy and his companion Elder Andrel is just getting the smile to his face--I must have taken the picture too soon. Elder McClure, Elder Fowers, Elder Lance was going to give me the '2' sign and I said, "no hand signs", I'm sure out of sheer habit his thumb went up! Elder Davis has his signature smile, Elder Deppe, and Elder Wardle is totally happy, I promise!!

Time for our shinning moments: Sister Stimpson was honored by her companion; Sister Tofilau.

Elder McClure is very appreciated by his companion Elder Andrel.

Elder Lance and Elder Fowers received a Finding award.

Elder Spendlove and Elder Mazyck also received a Finding award 

Elder Finlinson was honored by his companion Elder Wardle.

 Sister Gregory said some very sweet things about Sister Lee in a Shining Moment.

Another Finding award, this time for Elder Briceno and Elder Christensen

 Two great missionaries won the Finding award; Elder Finlinson and Elder Wardle.


President Cropper gave a wonderful presentation on the Ten Commandments and the Word of Wisdom.

I took the opportunity to get a picture of the president's counselors. 

The Oregon Eugene mission presidency