To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I love being on the coast! Today we are in the Coos Bay zone with the  
Roseburg zone as well.
Yesterday in Central Point it was 98°  and today in Coos Bay it topped out at 53°. It was windy (which it is almost every day). I'm not complaining, it just shows the difference a few hours in distance makes here in Oregon.

We always start out with Elder Mabey and Elder Jensen talking about the cars. In this round of zone conferences they are talking about distracted driving. The Church puts out the funniest videos for the vehicle coordinators to show!

All the missionaries are listening intently to what they have to say.

After they finish I speak. Again, I spoke on Working with Members and also bore my testimony of the Savior.

 President Lowary again spoke about the 8-minute ride. He found a spot on the stage floor that only the front row to could see and equated that spot compared to the rest of the stage. That small dot was the "8-minute" ride of our missions  compared to the rest of our lives.

 I went outside and caught Elder Mabey and Elder Jensen in blue overalls working on the cars. They do such a great work!

 The Sister Training Leaders in Coos Bay; Sister Hansen and Sister Hepworth,  presented their topic about requirements for baptism. They actually sang it!! It was awesome!

After they finished The Sister Training Leaders from Roseburg; Sister Johnson and Sister Peck presented the same topic with a slide show. It too was amazing.

And then comes what every missionary looks forward to: LUNCH!!!

We see some of the biggest smiles of the whole day here! Elder Baxter on the left, Elder Kellerstrauss, Elder Willits, Elder Jensen, Elder Pierce, Elder Murphy, and Elder Johnson.

 And the Lovely Sisters: Sister Herbst, Sister Nowell, Sister Hepworth, Sister Hansen, Sister Maddock, Sister Rhoton, Sister Santiago, and Sister Cockrell.

 Nothing brings on the happy grins like a full stomach! Elder Terry, Elder Holman, Elder Gage, Elder Atkinson, Elder Stohl, and Elder Wikan.

 Elder Wangsgard, Elder Poston, Elder Alexander, Elder Etherington, Elder Huang, and Elder Thurgood looks like he is having TOO much fun!!

The grown-up table: President Lowary, President Cropper, Elder and Sister Bernhardt, Sister and Elder Woolley, and Elder Mabey who is trying not to look like he just took a bite of his sandwich (sorry about that, Elder Mabey).

 I must have caught Elder Hafen off guard because he always has a smile on his face. Elder Wheldon has his classic smile, as does Elder Halam. Elder Ellis is doing his 'hitch hiker' sign, Elder Bushman is mid-bite. Elder Peterson seems a little serious, but I know it didn't last, Elder Eckman is all-the-way bite, and Elder Lewis is pointing to his sandwich with his thumb good job, Elder!

I'm thinking four Sisters took a little break while I was taking pictures. They happen to be the Sisters sitting at the same table as president Russell and I. So, I'm missing Sister Peck, Sister Johnson, Sister Heaton, and Sister McClellan! Wow, I'm sorry parents!

And the first Finding award goes to Elders Wikan and Stohl!!

The next Finding award goes to Sister Herbst and Sister Nowell!

 Elder Huang gets a Shining Moments from his companion; Elder Etherington.

Elder Wangsgard received a Shining Moments award because of his companion Elder Thurgood.

Sister Heaton is excited to receive a Shining Moment from her companion Sister McClellan.

Elders Baxter and Kellerstrauss received the Finding award.

 Sister Peck and Sister Johnson also received the Finding award.

And Sister Hansen is a party all by herself!!!! She received a Shining Moments award from her companion Sister Hepworth.



After lunch Elder Willits and Elder Pierce gave their presentation

 And then Elder Terry and Elder Holman also gave their presentations.

I didn't get a picture of president Cropper doing his presentation and I also missed getting a picture of president Russell giving his. I'll try to be better tomorrow.

 It was a wonderful day, filled with laughter and tears.