To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Monday, May 22, 2017

Zone conferences started today! 
President Russell and I got up at 4:00a to start driving to Medford. 
We have Medford and Klamath Falls zones together.

Lunch time!!! On the left we start with the beautiful Sisters:  Sister Wood leaning in so we can see Sister Brown. Sister Morgan and Sister Broadhead is in the middle. Elder Nelson poses with fork in hand (it's better than one of the hand signs), Elder Gneiting, and Elder Baker. 

On to the next table: Sister Francis is always so bubbly! In fact, this entire table lights up with all the gorgeous smiles and cheerful countenances. Next to Sister Francis, just as bubbly,  is her companion; Sister Allen. Sister Harrison and Sister Roach just beam in the middle, and Sister Clarke and Sister Schroeder complete the circle of sunshine!

The other side of this table; Elder Baker and Elder Jensen, and Sister Wood. 
Elder Elldredge and Elder Faletea were so excited that, without thinking, the hand signs just popped right out!!

We ask the missionaries to send their "Shining Moments" (a missionary will write something awesome about their companion and the zone leaders read it). We give them a bag of cookies, today it's Chips Ahoy. Sister Schroeder wrote about her companion; Sister Clarke.

 The 'grown-up' table: Elder Mabey (this is his swan song), he's training Elder Jensen (who I had to chase around to get a picture). Elder and Sister Sivula, Sister and Elder Merrill are on the right.

President Lowary fits right in with the younger Elders--and it's his birthday today! Next to President Lowary is Elder Broshears, always grinning. Elder Green, Elder Cook, Elder Ybanez, and Elder Thibault is on the end. Again, notice the restraint in not using hand signs...and nobody died!

Elders are always joyful when they are eating a fantastic lunch. These Elders are no exception. Elder Norris, Elder Miller, Elder Searcy, Elder Rawlins, and Elder Kroll shows us his amazing smile.

The Three Amigos? Well, two Spanish speaking; Elder Dopp and Elder Elldredge, and a Hawaiian; Elder Faletea.

Elder Ybanez and Elder Kroll get cookies from their zone leaders: Elder Baker and Elder Levi Johnson, for a great OYM (Open Your Mouth) moment that resulted in a new investigator.

 Sister Wood gets cookies for  a 'Shining Moment' from her companion; Sister Brown. 

Elder Eldredge also gets cookies for a 'Shining Moment' because of
Elder Dopp.

  Sister Harrison gets cookies because her companion; Sister Roach wrote great things about her.

Elder Sivula wrote some beautiful words about his sweet wife.

Elder Cook is rewarded for being an amazing companion. I'm not sure how I missed getting a picture of President Cropper (well, the back of his head), Elder Wagstaff, and Elder Zilles.

Elder and Sister Danley (and he is getting hydrated himself)!

...And the elusive Elder Jensen!

 The Klamath Falls Zone

 The Medford Zone

Elder Borshears does his 'happy dance' ! He got cookies because of his companion; Elder Rawlins.
You can always find Elder Danley making sure all of our missionaries are hydrated. 

                    Role play

Role Play

Role play where they ask questions

It was an awesome zone conference!!!