To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

We are in Central Point for zone conference with this zone 
and also the Grants Pass zone.

 President Lowary always does something awesome when he presents his topic. This time he came in dressed in a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and cowboy chaps. He showed a video about bull riding. He talked about how much training goes into bull riding, how you must be 100% committed to ride, there can be no uncertainty when you climb on that bull. Then, he told us that a rider has to stay on the bull for eight seconds to score.

 He then compared that to a mission. We have to be trained, We have to be committed if we are to succeed, and that we can stay 'on' for our entire mission. I've made it very simplistic, his was extremely detailed and we all enjoyed it!

The zones were enthralled.

I'm sure we all made the commitment to do our best and 'stay on' task.

 We had another wonderful lunch! 
President Russell is sitting with Sister Leavitt, Sister Payne, Sister Viiga, and Sister Minor. He knows where to sit!

Elder Mabey and President Cropper know where to pick the 'good seats' as well. Next to Elder Mabey is Sister Zanotti, Sister Clark, Sister Jones, Sister Udall, Sister Fjerstad, and Sister Mann.

Check out these happy faces!! Elder Carter (in front) is always smiling and happy! Elder Wirthlin is to his left, Then it's Elder Blair, Elder Thompson, Elder Kaden Johnson, Elder Mafi, Elder Westover, and Elder Henley, not quite sure what look Elder Henley is going for.

 Elder Hatfield is it in the front with Elder Smith to his left, Elder Ross, Elder Hoskins, Elder Jensen (I didn't have to hunt him down today), Elder Broadbent, and Elder Ellinghaus.

We can call this the relaxed table. Elder Knell is totally relaxed with Elder Call to his left. Elder Lambson, then Elder Wright, Elder Simms kinda looks like he had a bad taco, but we're not having tacos today! And, smiling Elder Gavin Johnson. 

Elder Carter and Elder Wirthlin got an OYM award!

 Elder Henley and Elder Westover also got an OYM award.

Sister Viiga, who is always happy and kind gets a well deserved 'Shining Moments' award from her companion, Sister Minor


Elder Mafi also gets a Shining Moments award because of his companion, Elder Johnson

 Elder Hatfield and Elder Smith get an OYM award

 Elder Lambson and Elder Wright also win the coveted OYM award.

Sister Zanotti receives a Shining Moment ward from her companion, Sister Clark

What a smile Elder Broadbent has because of a Shining Moments award written by Elder Ellinghaus. Maybe all these missionaries that write about their companions are secretly hoping the companion will share the cookies(?)

The zone leaders; Elder Call and Elder Knell, gave a presentation on the qualifications for baptism. They called on Sister Udall, Elder Simms, and Elder Lambson to help.

 Then president Russell took the remaining time to talk about our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Stay tuned, tomorrow is Coos Bay and Roseburg!