To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Friday, May 26, 2017

We met at the 18th Street building here in Eugene for this last zone conference. 
We have Eugene zone and the Springfield zone.

As I have mentioned before, after the opening song and prayer Elder Jensen and Elder Mabey talk about the cars. They begin by talking about things that may distract you while driving. In the other four zone conferences, president Lowary has walked in front of Elder Jensen and Elder Mabey while singing or whistling a tune, as a distraction. Today he took it to a whole new level...........
He strolled across the gym with ear buds in dressed like a rabid Ducks fan.
President Lowary never ceases to entertain.

I then spoke about my topic; Member-Missionary work, and also bore my testimony
 of the Savior, Jesus Christ.

President Cropper spoke next on the Ten Commandments and the Word of Wisdom.

 Everyone was quite attentive and taking notes.

After president Cropper finished it was time for LUNCH!!!!

Elder Martin is showing us his thumb, Elder Adams is happy, Elder McCleary is another missionary that always seems to be smiling. Elder Snyder is also showing us his thumb. Elder and Sister Bullock joined them, and Elder Borden is doing one of his famous hand signs (seeing Elder borden frown so out of character for him). As you can see, because of the hand signs, I was not taking the pictures.

Don't these Sisters just light up the room?! Sister Peterson (left), Sister Wilson, Sister MacDonald, Sister and Elder Jensen, and Sister Orr.

Sister Cortez is getting hugged by Sister Hart, Sister Rhees is dabbing her mouth or stifling a laugh. Elder Ho and Elder Chiu have great smiles. 

 And I apparently don't have any friends. Everyone went back for seconds, I guess.

Elder James Larsen, Sister Mabey, Elder Watson, Elder Parker, Elder Flake, Elder Egan, and Elder Anderson are also having a joyous time! 

Sister Hammond, Sister Lunt, and Sister Vititoe have joined the others at the table.

 Now there is the Elder Borden that we know and love! Elder McCleary, on his right is giving us his tentative smile, Elder Mabey, next to Elder McCleary is always grinning, and Elder Gittins looks like he's about ready to break into his happy dance! You can barely see Elder Lynn, Elder Moser, and Elder Montague at the end.

 Is Elder Gittins really drinking out of the bottle of root beer??? I believe Elder Hansen on the end is telling Elder Danley that he wants two scoops of ice cream in his root beer float.

"...and on this month's cover of GQ is Elder Martin and Elder Montague showing the world that they can stand, eat, and apparently Elder Montague can hitch hike all at the same time!

There is much excitement at the dessert table!

 Sister Rhees won a Shining Moment from her companion Sister Hart.

 And Sister Lunt also received a Shining Moments award from her companion; Sister Hammond. Check out her proud zone leaders: Elder Hatch (left) and Elder Palomeque.

This Finding award goes to Elder Hansen and Elder Borden!

Another Finding award to Elder Flake (far left) and with Elder Hatch and Elder Palomeque in the middle, Elder Parker who looks like he's about ready to abscond with the cookies!

Elder James Larsen receives a Shinning Moments award presented by his zone leaders: Elder Cougar Larsen, and I know Elder Anderson is there somewhere!

Sweet Sister MacDonald also receives a Shining moment award from her companion Sister Orr.

The Finding awards are so fun because they find an investigator and it's always a miracle! You can see from the angelic smiles of Sister Wilson and Sister Peterson.

 Elder Watson and Elder Egan are thrilled to received their Finding award!
After lunch Elder Mabey and Elder Jensen come in and tell everyone who had the cleanest cars. There is a point system and they give out a First Place, Second Place, and a Third Place prize. All of the prizes are from the dollar store and have something to do with keeping a car clean. It's not about the prize with these missionaries, it's about bragging rights! 

Our own Eugene zone leaders, Elder Larsen and Elder Anderson won!

 Elder Snyder and Elder Adams are winners as well!

Sister MacDonald and Sister Orr chose a microfiber cloth for winning. 

Sister Hammond and Sister Lunt chose a shammy. 

 Is it even possible for these two missionaries: Elder Watson and Elder Egan to contain their their total exhilaration??

Hold the phone here! Is that Elder Bowers, reaching around Elder Larsen to try and snatch the microfiber cloth right out of the hands of Elder Mabey?? Shocking!

 Sister Rhees and Sister Hart choose an air freshener.

Elder McCleary and Elder Martin are so excited to get this new shammy that I'm sure they will be using it on P-Day to wash their car again!!!
 THE EUGENE ZONE With the office couples!


President Lowary does his presentation on the most important "8-seconds" so far in these missionaries lives.

President Russell concluded the zone conference with some last minute instructions and then bearing his testimony of the Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ.
 We were almost all in tears.
It was a wonderful way to end the conference.