To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Saturday, June 20, 2015

We had our quarterly Couples Conference, yep,the same week we sent 30 missionaries home and then welcomed in 7 new missionaries. 
Whew! The office couples will be taking a well deserved day off.

 Elder Taylor is enjoying a conversation with me. Elder Pease is getting some ice cream to make a hot fudge Sundae, with Sister C.(Christensen) and Sister Taylor to the right of her. You can also see our wonderful Erda working over the sink.

Same scene from a little further away. The A.P.'s are enjoying dinner, they came a little later.
It was such a beautiful day that we decided to eat out on the patio. Elder Long is front left, Elder Deal and Sister Deal. Elder Steele and Sister Steele, and Sister Long.

 Sister Pease (Elder Pease is still making his hot fudge Sundae) is to the left with Elder and Sister Drollinger, and Elder Christensen.

We're all having such  good time!
 Elder C. (Christensen) is talking with Elder Long.

 Sister Dixon and I enjoy a photo op. Sister Dixon is such a sweetheart!

 And the Elders have their picture taken with Sister Dixon. 
The senior couples of the Oregon Eugene Mission! The absolute best!!
President Russell and I couldn't love them more! 
Elder and Sister Pease are leaving for home on Monday and Elder and Sister Drollinger are headed home in two weeks, we will miss them! 
We have made eternal friendships with all of these remarkable 
Elders and Sisters!!