To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

 The last day at the mission home (yesterday) for some of the 30 missionaries we sent home today.
Elder Brewer and Elder Roy

Elder Roy and several behind him 

Elder Roy loves to take control of the camera

Yep. happy times!

The solemn look...

...the happy look!

With time on their hands, the play a fun game of Monopoly (do you ever say fun and Monopoly in the same sentence?)

 Okay, so, here Elder Roy is trying to get me to take Monopoly money and pretend to be holding it in some gang-like pose so he can take my picture.  I'm not buying into it.

 A look from above.

 Not quite sure what's going on here, but Elder Michael Smith and Elder Brewer  can be very scary! Elder Walton is nonplussed. 

 I am so going to miss these missionaries!!!!

This sweet lady, my friend, is Rose Younger. She takes care of the mission home and makes sure we have everything we need, and that everything works. Today, she is helping with the meal for 30+ people. 

 And this adorable lady is Erda Johnson. She is the housekeeper, and SO MUCH MORE!!!! She makes sure the mission home is spotless and after the 12 missionaries that are staying in the mission home Sunday and Monday nights, she and Rose will change all of the beds.

Erda doesn't like her picture taken, but when I told her I was going to take it anyway, she gave me one of her wonderful smiles!!!
Whenever I ask her how she is she says, "I'm absolutely, positively incredibly fantastic ( I think I got the last part wrong), but she is all of that!
This is President Lowary. He is the president's first counselor. He is amazing as well. Every time we send missionaries home we fix them a good bye dinner. It's turkey (which he carves), he makes crock pot  mashed potatoes that are incredible, and his wife Charlotte makes cranberry sauce. We have green beans with bacon, hot rolls with butter and Black Raspberry jam made in Bandon, and spinach salad with strawberries and pecans (yes, I put pecans in it) and toss with a poppy-seed dressing. It is a hit with the missionaries and they look forward to it.
President Lowary usually takes off his suit coat before he carves the turkey, but he had to hurry and do it because he had his kids and grand kids waiting at home for him. He is also funny and the missionaries relate to him really well.
One side note: Whenever he and his wife have missionaries over for dinner he first calls their parents and finds out their favorite food and fixes it for them. He is also almost unbeatable at racquetball. (However, Elder Hyde beat him last Monday, that was his swan song before he went home).