To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Medford and Central Point zone conferences

President Russell likes the missionaries sitting at tables

 We are singing the opening song, Sister Cathro is leading the music

Sister Moore is taking notes while others look on

 Time for the object lesson again. This one was pretty exciting. Sister won again!

The Elders got a little crazy with the paper plates and almost had a domino effect!
Sister Cathro is talking to Sister Bohannon and Sister Carter

 Sister Newel is having a great conversation with the Elder and Sister Pease as she picks up the paper plates from our object lesson. The Peases will be going home this month and we will miss them so much. They are such amazing missionaries!

Elder Boyd, the president's AP. takes a minute to chat with fellow missionaries
Oops! Sister Healy spilled on her white blouse. Luckily, Sister Newell is prepared with the handy Tide Stick

Probably not a fair shot, I caught Elder Thompson, Elder Jeffery Smith, and Elder Garrard in the middle of lunch! But hey, they're having a good time!!
Elder Bonham and Elder Stilwell (in back) eat a leisurely lunch, Elder Bradley is SO enjoying his! Elder Huntsman is checking out the dessert cart. Elder Eldridge and Elder Wells finish their meal, and Elder Workman is definitely interested in the ice cream! Elder Hinton is excited to get his dessert as well!


 Elder White and Elder Sorenson smile big!

 Sister Carter and Sister Bohannon are happy to be here.

Elder Roller hugs Elder Nash, the president's AP.

Elder Enman is always so cheerful!

 "Let's all pretend we're eating...wait, we ARE eating!" That's Elder Carroll, Elder Thompson, and Elder Blackwelder
Back for seconds!

 Some of our beautiful Sister missionaries: Sister Lawrence, Sister Healy, Sister Moore, and Sister Cathro.
Happy birthday!!!!!!

The Medford zone