To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Klamath Falls Zone Conference

 Elder Townsend and Elder Arias look at the OEM mission picture while Elder Adams sneaks in to show off his pearly whites.

Elder Boyd, the president's AP is eating lunch with  Elder Reid, Elder McDowell, and Elder West.

 Here, Elder West is again (he gets around) with Elder Jamison as he looks far into the future, Elder Flora is obviously terrified that someone is going to take his sandwich, Elder Earl is not taking any chances and eating it fast.
 Elder Adams proudly shows us his spoon while Elder Townsend enjoys a good photo op. Elder Rushton apparently is also pretty impressed with Elder Adams amazing talents in holding that spoon up, and Elder Arias shows us that genuine smile.
Look at Elder Earl, again, he's enjoying his lunch immensely.

 Sister Shirley always has the demure look, Sister Anderson is pretty happy, Sister Ansus is showing her cute smile, and Sister Murdock did not want her picture taken.
 Elder Lucas and Elder Lambson are happy to be here, Sister Asregadoo is looking intently at her lunch and Sister Stucki is checking out something outside the camera's view.

Sister Stucki is now smiling at the camera, and
see Elders Grantham and Mecham pretty involved in meal time.

Time for the object lesson again. This time it didn't get as crazy, but the Sisters won again. Maybe they communicate better?

The Klamath Falls zone