To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Thursday, June 4, 2015

On Memorial Day we invited the office missionaries up to the mission home for a barbecue. the only picture that turned out was of our own Sister C.  Even though the others are not in the picture, we all had big smiles on our faces!

It's zone conference time again! We started with the Grants Pass and Roseburg zones.

We love to do role plays (well we may not love them, but)  we learn SO MUCH by practicing how we will teach those seeking the truth.

 Even our senior couple, Elder and Sister Drollinger role played  with Sister Giles and Sister Moriah Peterson (we are blessed to have three Sister Petersons).
Elder Fetzer and Elder Russell are deep in conversation with Elders Allred and Johnson

 And then we had some lunch. Our stake Relief Societies in the Roseburg and Grants Pass provided an incredible meal!

Sister Stover is watching Sister Crandall drink her water
Elder King is concentrating on something....

Elder Kaufman looks on 

Elder Kunz has so many keys, he has to
 compensate by leaning the other way!
Some Elders seem happy, but Elder Roy, Elder Boyd,
Elder Trejo, Elder Blair, and Elder Redding give me big smiles

President Russell always has an object lesson. This one involved two teams, one of  four Elder and another with four Sisters each stepping on a paper plate and then the last one on the team passes an extra plate to the front and each team member has to advance until everyone has stepped on each paper plate. It's all about team work! (The Sisters were faster.)

 Happy birthday 
                to all missionaries for April, and June 

We give Oreo cookies to missionaries who have had an OYM (Open Your Mouth) moment. When they have been bold and approached a person and they turn into a new investigator, 
Elder Bearrs and Elder Roy

Elder Blair and Elder Johnson

Sister Samantha Peterson and Sister Hall

We also have 'Shining moments' award to a missionary whose companion wrote a nice letter about them.
Sister Haugen and Sister Clawson

Elder Gallagher and Elder Watson
Sister Moriah Peterson and Sister Ward

And now; the zone pictures!

Grants Pass