To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Again, I am not in chronological order, This is the temple trip for all of our missionaries that went home on June 16th

Zone conference in Coos Bay
The object lesson. This time the Elders won!

 It's always the on-lookers that have the most advice for those doing the object lesson.

Elder Hyde is interested, while Elder Boyd (who has seen it several time already) is deep in thought. Our senior couples, the Steels and the Taylors seem to be enjoying it (and pretty happy they are not doing it). Is Elder Brown sleeping?

Elder Walton looks on while Elder Pickett is probably giving some of his helpful insights. Elder Sutton is kind of hold up Elder Gurvine and Sister Newsome and Sister Ungerman enjoy the object lesson.
Lunch time!!!!

 Elders Boyd and Nash, along with President Lowary are eating while Elder Murdock is about ready to give me a 'hello'  sign...I think. President Russell is taking a well needed lunch break.

 This table is all smiles! Elders Hyde, Hooker, Walton, Pickett, White, West, Terrell, Barclay, and Stotts. And why not, the food is delicious!

Elder Stiles is chillin' at the adult table.

 Here we have Elders Batt, Verhaaren, Goode, Sutton, Gurvine, and Brown with the big grins.

 And at the Sister's table: Sisters Sands, Frandsen, Ungerman, Newsome, Chang, and Didier, the beautiful flowers in the Coos Bay zone.