To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Thursday, June 18, 2015


These missionaries had birthdays in April, May, and June! 
We give them a toothbrush and breathe mints. Some of our Elders (Elder Pickett and Elder Watson) couldn't wait to brush there teeth!

The Coos Bay Zone!


On the way back to Eugene we stopped by the ocean.

  The wind was pretty strong!!


This area is called the Devil's Churn.


We are all role playing how to invite an investigator to be baptized

Obviously a successful role play!

The object lesson

 The Elders on the right won! Good teamwork!

Doesn't Sister Peterson look SO happy for lunch???

Absolutely none of the Elders looked up at the camera while getting their lunch.

 Elders Galloway and Crowell are getting some yummy strawberry short cake.

 President Russell with Elder and Sister Deal

 Elder Kelsey (left) and Elder Boyd are listening to the conversation between Elders Huang, Hsiung, and Elder Child.

 Elder Galloway has something to say, Elder Ricks is smiling at the camera, Elder Allred is giving the thumbs-up, Elder Crowell is either blinking or eating his strawberry short cake while he naps(?) and Elder Cho is a happy camper after he finished his lunch.

 Elder Harper eats lunch with President Lowary

 Elder Hanssen is always smiling. Elder Losee shows off his cool thumb. Elder Howard gives me a wide grin, Elder Beasley and Elder Nash also have pretty cool thumbs.

Look at all those smiles! Sister Bingham and Sister Woolf, Sister Jones, Sister Peterson (I caught her right as she put something in her mouth) and Sister Chang, our newest United States citizen!

President Lowary in deep contemplation.

And then so happy about that thought.




The object lesson gets a little crazy!

Instead of just passing the plate up, the Elders  throw it. And they got some distance!

President Lowary is sitting with all the pretty Sisters
Sisters Linstedt, Adams, Holliday, Stenberg. And Sister Olsen and Sister Burrell

 And now the Elders:
Elder Wong and Elder Colton. Elder Seymour looks a bit scary here. Elder Whitney holds up his thumb and little finger while Elder Kung holds up two fingers. Maybe they are counting to four. Elders Whyte, Hales, and Billmire are just grinning from ear to ear.

 Elder Brough has an easy smile, Elder Peterson is a little cautious with his smile. Elder Hyde is hold up all five fingers! Elder Allen is always smiling and Elder Mata is just about to. Elder Smith, Elder Campbell, and Elder Anderson enjoy their lunches with a smile.
With sandwiches in every hand! Elder Berry, Elder Chia, Elder Allen, Elder Porter, and Elder Reed.

 And now, more lovely Sisters:
Sister Call, Sister Weaver, Sister Chalfant and Sister Woolf. Then we have Sister Rasmussen, Sister Allen, Sister Poulson, and Sister Sowter.

 This is our mix it up table. First Sister Bigelow and Sister Crabb. Then four recent converts. And finally Elder Boyd.

 Here are Elders Jarrard, Godfrey, Black, and Elder Fowler. Then Elder Thacker, Elder Cook, Elder Beasley, and President Russell.


 The Santa Clara Zone serious and ...

a little crazy.

 The Eugene Zone normal....
 and slightly nuts.
 The Springfield zone, doing alright, 
 and not alright.

 Elder Black does a selfie.