To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Monday, June 19, 2017

What a week!!!
Last week we had interviews with four of the zones, two zone conferences, one in the south and one in the north, a multi-stake youth conference in Grants Pass, stake conference in Coos Bay, and finally got back to the mission home at 12:15 a.m. this morning.
So, here goes!

Elder Cronin was telling us how teaching is like planting a seed. It needs good soil, sunshine, and water. 

 President Cropper then taught about how to be the best missionaries ever!

 President Lowary taught "Three habits from your mission worth keeping".Elder Hill helped demonstrate his point.

President Russell talked about how repentance works with an object lesson involving Root Beer and a 'repentance' card.

 Each table had to try the experiment. Sister Roach, Sister Harrison, and Sister Nowell are SO fascinated! 

We have missionaries that can pour Root Beer with little effort. Elder Falatea begins as Elder Norris observes

 Even our senior couples participated. Elder Merrill is doing such a great job. Elder Nelson is deep in thought about this object lesson.

It can be hard when your peers are watching you closely to see if you spill. There were no spills! Elder Zilles is so steady and Elder Stohl and Elder Wright look on.

 Another successful pour! Elder Stohl now pours and his companion Elder Call smiles at how efficient he is.

Notice the concentration needed to do this. Elder Larsen has it! Elder Adams to his left is excited to try the experiment.

 We had to tell some of the missionaries several times to not drink the Root Beer, but not this group! Elder Ross is ever careful and Elder Westover is impressed.

Okay, I guess we did have some spills, however, I'm sure it wasn't Elder Broshears fault! Elder Rawlins on his left and Elder Cronin on his right are thrilled.

Notice how Elder Hatfield and Elder Green help Elder Blair. Elder Thompson is quietly watching.

Elder Holman stands as Elder Falatea pours, Elder Kroll looks a little nervous.
It was a success!!!!

Next, comes lunch!

 Cute Sisters!! Sister Francis, to her left is Sister Hawkes, Sister Udall, Sister Orr, Sister Fiagle, Sister Wood, Sister Brown, and Sister Herbst brings us back.

Check out all these smiles!! Sister Clark, Sister Roach, Sister Harrison, Sister Nowell, Sister Payne, Sister Marin, Sister Fjerstad, and Sister Heaton.

 Handsome Elders as well! Elder Levi Johnson, to his left is Elder Jensen, Elder Searcy, Sister and Elder Merrill, Elder Nelson, Elder Harrison, and Elder Baker.

 Happiness all around! Elder Gittins, Elder Westover, Elder Ross, Elder Cougar Larsen, Elder Adams (holds up his toothbrushes), Elder Carter, Elder Huang, and Elder Etherington.

 Another joyful table full of great missionaries: Elder Ellinghaus, Elder Simms, Elder Parker, President Lowary, Elder Elldredge, Elder Dopp, and Elder Ellis.

Elder and Sister Mabey, left on Saturday, we will miss them!! And President Russell

 One of the 'crazy' pictures! Elder Jensen, Elder Kaden Johnson, behind Elder Johnson is Elder Huang behind him, and Elder Nelson is waving in the right back!


Apparently Elder Jensen is taking over where Elder Black left off with the selfies.






After lunch we continued our multi-zone conference. Sister Brown sang an amazing song. She has such a beautiful voice. 

 President Russell concluded  by sharing some very special comments to these awesome missionaries.