To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Monday, June 19, 2017

On Thursday we came up north to continue our multi-zone conference in Eugene.

Elder Hill spoke on how important it is to really listen to our investigators.

 Lunch time!!!! Elder Martin is front left, behind him is Elder Christiansen, Elder Snyder, Elder Atkinson, Elder Pierce, Elder Willits, Elder Wall, and Elder Morris.

 Elder Broadbent, Elder Madsen. Elder Burgi, Elder Wirthlin, Elder Chiu, Elder Ho, Elder Lewis, and Elder Palomeque are all grinning.

Elder Bullock smiles at our little Chinese Sisters and Sister Bullock.

 I'm a little disheveled, as I stand next to my little China dolls; Sister Huang and Sister Chen.

Such beauty at one table!!!  Sister Kali Leavitt (front left), Sister Santiago, Sister Cockrell, Sister Tofilau, Sister Minor, Sister Duenas, Sister Pfau, and Sister McDonald.

More charming Sisters! Sister Lee, Sister Stimpson, Sister Hammond, Sister Mann, Sister Hepworth, Sister Lunt, Sister Rhees, and Sister Peterson.

 Sister Kiera Leavitt, Sister Mills, Sister Wilson, Sister Jones, Sister Cortez, Sister Maddock, Sister Rhoton, and Sister Datwyler all have the sweetest smiles.

 Elder Palomeque has the moves as he goes to the aid of Elder Finlinson who sits all by himself.

 Notice the restrained used to not do the hand signs, I'm so proud of them!!!! Elder Hatch, Elder Davis, Sister and Elder Jensen, Elder Borden, Elder Montague, Elder Hoskins, and Elder Henley. 

 More handsome Elders! Elder Baxter, Elder Bushman, Elder Cluff, Elder Knell, Elder Egan, Elder Watson, Elder Halam, and Elder Lambson.

 Check out Elder Wikan's smile!! And Elder Finlinson isn't alone anymore! Elder Deppe, Elder Briceno, Sister Russell, Elder Gavin Johnson, and his companion Elder Trevor Johnson (you know, the Johnson and Johnson, a family companionship!)

 Elder Danley is so efficient at making sure we are all drinking our 64 ounces of water a day! Elder Trevor Johnson and Elder Wikan are excited to drink even more!!

 Elder Spurlock demonstrates how to take a bite, Elder Miller also shows us how proficient he is at eating! Elder James Larsen with Elder Pace also shows us how to enjoy dessert. Elder Poston and Elder Mazyck are just happy to be here. Elder Anderson and Elder Christensen couldn't smile any bigger.

Elder Lewis, Elder Palomeque (he gets around), Elder Broadbent, Elder Madsen, Elder Burgi, and Elder Wirthlin sit enjoying this fantastic lunch!

 Elder Spendlove is always extremely happy! Elder Terry, Elder Bowers, Elder Flake, Elder McCleary, Elder McClure, Elder Gneiting, and Elder Moser look fairly relaxed as they eat.

Here is another table with full and happy Elders: Elder Bunker, Elder Eckman, Elder Peterson, Elder Gage, Elder Opper, and Elder Hafen.

 President Cropper looks content, Sister Zannoti and Sister Peck are such happy Sisters. Sister McClellan and Sister Morgan along with Elder and Sister Woolley enjoy some time to relax.

Elder Watson gives a thumps-up for his lunch

Elder Wheldon and Elder Kellerstrass always seem happy. Elder Cook is barely visible next to Elder Wardle. Elder Hansen, smiles as Elder Thurgood shows us his thumbs. Elder Wangsgard looks comfortable and Elder Fowers has the thoughtful look.

President Russell joins the Elders.

 Again, Elder Danley is concerned for the hydration of these Elders: Elder Cronin, Elder Hill, President Lowary, Elder Chiu, and Elder Ho.








And there must be the selfies! Sister Kiera Leavitt and Sister Datwyler are so cute!!

 Sister Wilson and Sister Mills have such beautiful smiles!

After lunch Elder Opper sang an amazing song. It brought the Spirit back immediately.

Every meeting with missionaries must include role-plays!
I walked around and took pictures of these wonderful missionaries who know how to talk and teach.

After President Russell finished and bore a sweet testimony, Elder Cronin and Elder Hill asked us to go up to the stand. 

Elder Lambson went to the piano and all the missionaries stood and sang "As Sisters in Zion/We'll Bring the World His Truth". I just sobbed. We will miss these missionaries more than we can express.

After the prayer, Elder Miller presented President Russell and I with this beautiful quilt that his mother had made and all of the missionaries had signed!
It's priceless to us!!
Thank you Sister Miller!!!