To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

This is much more difficult than I thought it would be. 
This is our last group of departing missionaries. 
Some were able to come to the mission home early and get started on their scrapbook pages.
President Russell started his exit interviews as soon as they arrived and I got the rest going on making a scrapbook page. This is Sister Gregory to the left, next to Sister Gregory is Sister Vititoe, around the table is Sister Hart, and Sister Hansen is waving.

We always serve a turkey dinner to our departing missionaries. President and Sister Lowary  bring their famous mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. We also have a spinach salad with strawberries and pecans with a poppy seed dressing, green beans, and hot rolls.
Sister Viiga is giving Sister Lowary a hug. 

My dear friend Erda Johnson does the best table decorations! She also helps with the meal, and clean up. You will never meet anyone that works harder than she does. She is amazing!!

Rose Younger is also such an incredible friend. She helps with the meal, and does so much with Erda to make the meal wonderful! 

President Lowary always cuts the turkey. He is one of the finest men we have ever met. 

Sister Hansen and Sister Broadhead are standing outside president Russell's office. 

How often can we get Sister Johnson with Sister Johnson? Only once! Sister Jandy Johnson stands next to Sister Erda Johnson.

Elder Alexander (far left), Elder Cronin , and Elder Hill are having a blast with the Sisters as they continue to make their pages. Sister and president Lowary are joining in the fun as well. 

I seriously can't remember when we have had this much fun just talking. 

Sweet Sisters Viiga  and  Broadhead along with Elder Alexander smile for me. 

We took quite a while on the scrapbook pages this time, but it was a great time. Sister Vititoe, Sister Hansen, Sister Hart, and Sister Gregory, who has never won any 'tall' awards, looks even shorter here!  

Elder Cronin is showing us his pearly whites. Elder Alexander looks unhappy, but he is never unhappy. 

As the Lowarys were preparing to leave Sister Lowary went around the table and hugged each of the Sisters. She got to Elder Alexander and gave him a hug as well. Elder Alexander was not all that comfortable being hugged but he took it well. 

The Sisters asked if president Russell would give them a hug,  I told them that he would at the airport. Then, they asked if president Lowary every gave hugs and I said I didn't know. They ran outside and all gave president Lowary a huge hug!! He was surprised. 

We say farewell to these fantastic missionaries!
Front left: Sister Gregory and Sister Broadhead. Back row left: Elder Alexander, President and Sister Russell, Sister Hart, Sister Hansen, Sister Vititoe, Sister Viiga,
 and Sister Johnson.
We love them so much!!!