To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Monday, June 5, 2017

It's transfer week!!! President Russell went to the stake center here in Eugene and took pictures of the missionaries being transferred, or picking up other missionaries coming here.

 Sister Schroeder is with Sister Gregory and Sister Wilson. Sister Schroeder is going home today to take care of some medical concerns, we know she will be back!! Sister Gregory will be spending the morning with Sister Wilson until president Russell and I get back from taking Sister Schroeder to the airport, then she will come up to the mission home, as this is her last day in the OEM. :(

Sister Rhees and Sister Peterson look on as Sister Lunt give Sister Hansen a big good-bye hug. Sister Hepworth is just smiling at the far right.

 Elder Fowers is marching to the transfer van! You can see Elder Spendlove and Elder Mazyck looking on.

Elder Gittins is being so obedient and gets right on the transfer van without being told twice. Also, to the right is Elder Adams, also extremely obedient!

Sister Hansen with Sister Lunt, Sister Hammond, and Sister Hepworth. I love their happy smiles! Sister Hansen is also going home tomorrow :(

Elder Cougar Larsen is such a happy camper! And in the background our new vehicle coordinator, Elder Jensen is already a pro!

 Elder Opper and Elder Flake are enjoying the beautiful sunshine.

Elder Christensen is having one serious conversation with  Elder Anderson. I happen to know that Elder Christensen is a very pleasant missionary, so he can't be mad. 
Two of our missionaries neglected to dress in their suits, that was a little sad.

 These wonderful Sisters look like beautiful spring flowers! Sister Datwyler, Sister Orr, Sister Mills, Sister MacDonald, and Sister Hart, who will be also coming up to the mission home, as she is going home tomorrow:(.

Elder Eckman and Elder Christiansen are having a good time talking to Sister Orr.

Elder Wall gives us his hand sign, it probably means he wants to talk on the phone. Elder Hafen and Elder McClure grin for president Russell.

When you look at this group you expect them  to break into song. Elder Hatch, Elder Holman, Elder Finlinson (both of these served as assistants), Elder Palomeque, and Elder Harrison. But, alas, no song.

 Elder Mazyck and Elder Spendlove are just plain joyful! You can see Elder Mabey to the left, as he does his last transfer.

 Elder Borden is another missionary that has an easy smile.

 Check our Elder Anderson's pose. He's an awesome missionaryt!

Elder Lance is over to the left with Sister Rhees and Sister Peterson in the middle.
The vans showed up and all the missionaries left. It happens so fast!!