To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The missionaries come up to the mission home throughout the day. Most arriving about 2:00 and the rest are on the transfer vans and will be here around 5:00. We have a nice turkey dinner. President has a departing interview with each missionary. 
I have each departing group make me a scrapbook page. They can put pictures on it or write something, or even draw something. 

 Elder Blake tells me that he doesn't know how to scrapbook and he's not too comfortable doing it. I assure him that he can do it. And he does!

 Sister Asregadoo, Sister Sowter, and Sister Woolf help give him encouragement.

 Meanwhile, in the living room these missionaries are showing me how they really feel after a successful two-year mission.

 This pictures is actually pretty scary, if I didn't know Elder Holman better I would be fearing for my life. It's probably as simple as some one ate the last Kit Kat. Elder Dopp is okay with everything.

 For some reason, Elder Adams is afraid of me. I'm fairly harmless...yeah, fairly.


President Russell says, "Okay everybody, lets get a picture together!"

 ...And we do. Here are the departing missionaries from the OEM next to president and Sister Russell: Sister Asregaoo, Sister Woolf, Sister Sowter. Back left: Elder Black, Elder Kung, Elder Adams, Elder Greer, Elder Redding, and Elder Blake. We will miss them all!!


At the airport


This is the day of reckoning; how much does your suitcase weigh??

                                 "This is really happening, isn't it, Elder."

                          My last selfie with Elder Jacob Black. You're awesome!