To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Six weeks go by SO FAST!!! It's transfer time again!
President Russell and I head over to one of the transfer spots in Eugene. There we are met with several missionaries either being transferred, or bringing their companion to be transferred.

 Sister Roach always has a smile and a kind word.

When I hold up my camera (my phone) missionaries tend to put their arms around whom ever is near. This is Sister Santa Maria and Sister Dobbs.

See what I mean? Sister Mills and Sister Rasmussen pose for me. They are wonderful!!

 And then Sister Mills is now with Sister Morgan.

Sister Vance is on the move (probably looking for Sister Mills!)

Yes, Elder Mata, there are two of you there, you and Elder Peterson. Very good!

 Here are a bunch of happy missionaries! Elders Wardle, Blair, Thompson, Ellis and Elder Wheldon is just happy all the time!

 President Russell is in the middle of the deep conversation with Elder Etherington.

There must be something really cool going on to their right, Elder Horne and Elder Lynn are checking it out. Um, not sure what Elder Ellis is doing? Maybe he has  a bad taste in his mouth(?) 

Sister Hansen jumps in while I take a photo of Elder Horne, and Elder Black photo bombs them both! Things happen pretty fast around here!

Elder Mabey greets Sister Johnson as Sister  Broadhead, Sister Steele,  and Sister VanLeuven look on. Sister Sowter refuses to smile, as this is her last full day in the Oregon Eugene Mission. That is a little depressing.

Shhhh. Elder Thompson is showing Elder Blair something really special in his bag.
You've gotta love Sister Aguilar's bright smile!

I think Elder Ellis saw me coming wanted to show his studious side. Yep, lookin' good, Elder Ellis!

Another pose with two great missionaries; Elder Thompson and Elder Wardle.

Sister Santa Maria is carrying some pretty heavy boxes. Sometimes, okay all the time, missionaries collect stuff and when transfers come up it won't fit in their suitcases. It's all too important to leave though. Sister Hansen comes up to join in the picture.

Elder Knell is so happy! Probably because he has mail! Everyone loves mail!

A simple wave from Elder Kellerstrass. He's an awesome missionary.

Elder Thibault grins as Elder Finlinson looks on thoughtfully contemplating his new zone, as he was just released as an Assistant. He is great!!

I don't think I have ever seen Elder Briceno without a huge smile. He's just joyful!

Elder Etherington wants one more shot with Elder Black before Elder Black goes home tomorrow.

Sister Stimpson (our little birthday girl) is posing with Sister Broadhead while Elder Ellis is still thoughtfully writing.

Elder Lynn stands next to Elder Ellis. Maybe the book is a permanent fixture(?) 

Doesn't this picture look like it should be on the cover of "Cute Sister Missionary' magazine? Sister Steele is awesome!!

They're getting loaded into the vans to take off.

Elder Mabey is one of the drivers. We so appreciate all that he does for the OEM!

Check out Elder Bunker. You almost expect him to break out some dance moves.

"So, there is just a bike in here? It's pretty heavy!" "Yeah, a bike and everything else that doesn't fit into his suitcase.  Thank heavens for duct tape!"

President Russell gives some last minute advise to Elder Falatea (it's probably not how to play the ukulele). 
Our very own Elder and Sister Phipps. Elder Phipps also drives one of the transfer vans and Sister Phipps helps keep our mission healthy.