To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Sunday, November 6, 2016

The last two weeks have been a little busy. President Russell and I left on Wednesday,  the 26th of October to go the mission presidents seminar. We returned Saturday night. Monday we had our weekly office meeting and did several things for the upcoming week. Tuesday we had our monthly MLC (below). On Wednesday we had a special meeting with the five northern zones, Thursday was a meeting with the five southern zones, Friday was Zone Training Meeting, and we went to Coos Bay for that.  Saturday and Sunday we were in Roseburg for their stake conference. Tomorrow we start transfers which will take us into Thursday. But we love it!!

The only time I usually get pictures of MLC is when we break for lunch. See Elder Baker, Elder Jarrard, Sister Sowter, and Elder Bushman getting dessert. Notice how their plates all line up, was that planned?

I catch Elder Etherington standing next to Elder Wardle as he takes a bite. Actually he waited until I took the picture to eat it (I think he wanted to look busy).

These Sisters are like a beautiful garden of flowers. Sister Broadhead, Sister Steele, Sister Woolf, Sister Jones and Sister Dobbs on the right side.

 Elder Gage and Elder Hill give us the 'thumbs up', or maybe their hands are stuck that way(?) Elder Harrison in to the right next to Sister Figueroa and Elder Finlinson in front.

 Now we have a clear shot of Elder Harrison, Sister Figueroa and Sister Wilson. The Sisters are always so happy and cute! Not sure what Elder Harrison is doing, but he looks great!

 More beautiful Sisters: Sister Wood, and Sister Alldredge next to Elder Flake.

I believe Elder Fowers also wanted to look extremely busy. sitting is Sister Hepworth, she has a wonderful smile. Behind them are Elder Jenson, Elder Redding, and Elder Hatch. These missionaries are always happy!

 Elder Flake seems to have the same problem with his thumbs, I hope it's not contagious! Sister Santa Maria, Elder Huntsman are sitting as Elder Gage walks by.

Sister Rhees is enjoying lunch and Sister Asregadoo is probably thinking that this will be her last MLC as she will be going home next week. Elder Wright and Elder Barclay have smiles that make you wonder what they're up to. Sister Nowell has that Osmond smile (which is awesome)  and Sister Sidhu is dutifully being Sister Nowell's 'shoulder' as she has her iPad on.

Check out all those teeth!! Elder Baker eats and Sister Doxey is in a serious conversation with...someone. 

President Cropper is enjoying his lunch with Sister Johnson, Sister Vance, Elder Wardle and Elder Lambson.

The Assistants get right back to work setting up the laptop for the rest of MLC. Ya know, the thumb thing must be contagious.

President Cropper gets around! Here he is with President Lowary.

 A great picture of Elder Hill with Elder and Sister Mabey.
                  I catch Sister Bullock as she is finally taking a minute break!

 Remember in pre-school when every one helped put things away. "Clean up, clean up, everybody clean up!" Sister Phipps is trying to open the garbage bag, these can be tricky.

Ah Ha! She got it!!!

 "...and they're off! It's neck and neck, who will win??"

 A meeting with the Assistants; president Russell wants to give last minute instructions.
 The mission leadership of the OEM

And, of course a selfie with Elder Black and Elder Smith in the parking lot.