To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Saturday, January 9, 2016

January 2016 MLC

Always have to get a selfie with Elder Black, and for one of the last times, with Elder Harper who goes home in a few weeks:(

 Lunch break: Sister Steele (right) is teasing Sister Allen. Sister Didier and Sister Holiday are getting their lunch. We always have the Sisters go first, you can see the Elders in the hall behind them dying of hunger.

 What a surprise; Elder Black! This was a fantastic meal  fixed by our amazing office senior couples! They are so wonderful!!

 Sister Adams, Sister Fausett, Sister Doxey, and Sister Lindstedt are ready to get their food.

Sister Lindstedt is with Sister Chang and Sister Yeung.

Elder Thompson, Elder Losee, and Elder Best smile...well, kind of.

 On the left is Sister Ansus, Sister Steele, Sister Allen, and Sister Connelly. On the right; Sister Bingham and Sister Geisler. They are so happy all the time!

 Elder Losee is serving in a town called Lakeview. It's basically in the South Pole (the southern most part of Oregon) where there is lots and lots of snow. We don't get to see him much, so here's a shot of Elder Losee!

 The cute Sisters: (left) Sister Woolfe. she set a goal to find 9 new investigators every week and she made that goal! She had her gall bladder removed two weeks ago and she still found 9 investigators that week! Sister Newell is going home on the 12th, Ugh! Sister Rasmussen, Sister Lindstedt. Sister Yeung, Sister Chang, and Sister Newsome.

MORE cute Sisters; Sister Didier (also going home), Sister Brownlee, Sister Holiday, Sister Adams is going home, and Sister Stucki.

Our Spanish Elders: I would like to say we caught Elder Adams (right) off guard, but he saw me coming. To the right of him is Elder Arias, and on the left is Elder Perrine.

 Elder Kelsey on the left, Elder Bearss ( maybe he thinks if he closes his eyes whomever is touching his shoulder will not see him?) Elder Enman, and Elder Davis.

Is that Elder Black again???

 Interesting reaction to having their picture taken.

I did catch Elder Workman, the president's AP, off guard! He is multitasking. Unfortunately,he is also going home!

 Elder Whyte is either pondering his lunch, or just gazing off into space.

Elder Mata's friends have probably gone back for seconds.

Elder Tonini and Elder Porter have finished their lunch and are just happy. 

 The apple in the mouth seems to be the theme of the lunch break.

 Yep, apparently if you don't have an apple in your mouth you are definitely missing out.

Elder Godfrey and Elder Thompson are having fun, but Elder Best is not (probably because he doesn't have an apple). 

 Now, why would you sit with your lunch on your lap when you have a table and a chair in the next room?  Maybe they are 'roughing it'.

All smiles!

 Deep conversation between Elder Whyte, President Cropper and President Lowary.

Our Chinese Elders! I had to go find them!

 Our leader: President Russell!

Elder Cho is quite happy himself!
The northern mission leadership

 Our northern leadership getting crazy!

Our southern mission leadership

 ...and they too get a little crazy.

 It takes a few minutes to get everyone back to their seats to continue.

Elder Workman is getting them back on task.

It takes some time.

And we are ready to learn! 

This MLC was great! We have wonderful leadership in the OEM, this is what makes it great!