To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Friday, January 15, 2016

It's transfer time again. It's every six weeks, but it seems like just last week we had the last transfers!

 Sister Erda Johnson and Sister Rose Younger use their collective talents to make the dinner for the departing missionaries wonderful. Every dinner Sister Johnson makes the most unique table decorations. The theme of this transfer is Happy New Year complete with a top hat and lots of glitz.

While the missionaries are waiting to interview with President Russell, some play games. Here is Elder Workman and Elder Eldridge on the floor and Elder Gurvine getting comfortable on the sofa. You can just see the back of Sister Bingham's head. 

 Another view and Sister Newell has joined them.

 I ask each missionary to make me a scrapbook page. This is so I have something to remember each missionary by. Most have already done one and some are doing them here at the mission home. 

 Welcome to Elder Hinton, the president's new assistant!

 It's always great to look back at the scrapbook pages other missionaries have done. Here is Sister Adams, Sister Bingham, and Sister Didier as they are looking back at companions that have already gone home.

Another game! Left is Elder Smith, Elder Eldridge, Sister Newell, Sister Didier, Sister Bingham. Sister Adams (standing), Elder Workman, and Elder Gurvine.

 We say good-bye to (back left) Elder Wong, Elder Smith, Elder Gurvine, Elder Harper, Elder Eldridge, Elder Workman. (Front) Sister Adams, Sister Didier, Sister Bingham, and Sister Newell.

 And, of course, the crazy picture!

After we returned from the airport, Elder Harper's father came to pick him up. It was a pleasure meeting Brother Harper.

We will miss all of these missionaries and wish them the very best as the begin their "second mission".